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Pharmaceutical packaging machine

Blister packaging machine

FBP-300EECO Blister


Product Samples

Cases of drug package    

Thoroughly pursued a support for the high-mix low-volume manufacturing.

Production efficiency and variety switching are drastically improved.

The unit of tablet filling part can be easily removed and restored.
The filling part can be cleaned up off-line, and the remarkable time saving and the improvement in production efficiency are possible. (Optional setting)

Both sides aluminum (AL/AL) is supported.

Film speed 12m/min (MAX)
 Number of punching sheets 300 shots/min (MAX)
 Forming effective area 150 x 195mm
 Tablet packaging efficiency 3,000 tablets/min (MAX)
 Dimensions (L)3,600 x (W)1,020 x (H)1,850
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