Quality and Environmental Activities

Quality and Environmental Activities

Safety and quality oriented product offerings

Our Standards of Conduct stipulate that we supply products of high quality and safety.
To put those standards into practice, we have established a quality management system based on our quality policy and ISO 9001 certification. We have been working on sustainable quality improvement through such acts as evaluating operations by twice-yearly internal audits and management reviews.
November each year is designated as Quality Awareness Month, during which all employees, including those at our overseas subsidiaries, participate in initiatives to raise their consciousness of the priority on quality.

Living symbiotically with the beautiful environment

From our responses to pollution problems in the past to addressing the European RoHS directive and other various environmental regulations that apply to our products, we are engaged in environmental improvement activities throughout the company.
We also regard the realization of a low-carbon society as an essential global challenge and consider that, in addition to business activities that co-exist with the beautiful environment, the environmental activities of each and every staff member will produce significant results.
As well as complying with laws and regulations, we will continue to contribute to the protection of the global environment by developing original, earth-friendly products, leveraging the automation and flow control technologies that we have accumulated over many years as a manufacturer and delivering those products to our customers.

CKD’s Environmental/Social Contribution Products Spreading throughout Society

We are engaged in the development of environmentally-friendly products, in the belief that consciously working toward environmental-level goals from the development and planning stages is a necessity for the creation of products of higher environmental standards.
Ongoing improvement activities include the introduction of energy-saving facilities and the construction of energy-saving manufacturing lines to reduce CO2 emissions. We strive toward the effective use of water resources at our plants, through the improvement of processes that use water and water-saving efforts. We manage the sorting, discharge, storage, and consignment processes for industrial waste generated at our plants and are committed to resources recycling.

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Quality-Environmental Policy

CKD is determined to assure continuous improvement of quality and environmental management system across-the-board and will contribute to the achievement of the SDGs aiming for a sustainable society, to “provide products and services that satisfy our customers” with reliability and efficiency.

  1. 1.Practice activities to bring complaints and defects down to “zero”.

  2. 2.Build a global and innovating corporate culture:

    • a )Ascertain appropriate specifications and improve quality.

    • b )Improve cost efficiency.

    • c )Improve productivity.

  1. 1.Promote development and sales of environmental load reduction products.

  2. 2.Identify and comply with the environmental regulations and their requirements, and promote the realization of carbon neutrality and prevention of environmental pollution.

    • a )Reduction of CO2 emissions.

    • b )Promotion of resource conservation.

    • c )Reduce waste.

    • d )Reduce environmental polluting materials.

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ISO 9001 Management System Certificate

  • Applied Standard: ISO9001:2015
  • Certificate Number: JQA-0535
  • Certifying Organization: CKD Corporation
  • Certification Date: 1994/6/24

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ISO 14001 Management System Certificate

  • Applied Standard: ISO14001:2015
  • Certificate Number: JQA-EM1149
  • Certifying Organization: CKD Corporation
  • Certification Date: 2000/12/8
  • Scope: Head Plant, Kasugai Plant, Inuyama Plant, Yokkaichi Plant, Tohoku Plant, All sales offices

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The Application of Green Power 

At all of the Inuyama Plant and a part of the Yokkaichi Plant, which produces the HP Series High-Durability Components and Grippers for cooperative robots, the electricity used (5,350,000kWh / year) comes from Green Electricity derived from Renewable Energy Sources (according to Japan's Green Power Certification System). However, some HP Series products (ABP2) are manufactured overseas and are not eligible for the Green Power certification.