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Social Media Policy

In regard to our social media participation, we will establish and adhere to the [Social Media Policy].

Purpose in participating in social media

CKD will actively disseminate CKD product information through social media and aim to build a relationship of trust through dialogue with customers.

Mindset in participating in social media

CKD understands that social media is a place of communication based on individual connections and widely publicized to the world, and that once information is transmitted, it cannot be completely deleted. CKD will participate in the dialogues as one with moderation, having good sense and attitude.

a ) Regardless of the type of organization and form of employment, CKD employees will not only comply with the laws and regulations of the country and region but also internal rules such as "CKD Code of Conduct" and "Employment Rules" which are the behavioral standards of CKD employees that will be abided by.

b ) Attention will be given to the contents of information to be sent out, and how they are transmitted. We will not deliberately give misleading information or mislead customers.

c ) If incorrect information or expressions leading to misunderstandings are given, we will promptly correct them and make an apology.

d ) CKD will comply with the regulations stipulated by social media.

e ) CKD will respect third parties' intellectual property rights, privacy rights, etc., and considerations will be made not to damage their honor.