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SNS Terms of Use

This agreement establishes provisions on the management of CKD's official account (hereinafter referred to as "CKD official account") operated by CKD in social media such as SNS.The CKD official account is operated by CKD using services provided by external companies.The above SNS is not CKD's homepage, and it is not under the control of CKD.

Scope of Application

1 )This Agreement applies to a natural person and corporation that will browse and use the CKD official account (hereinafter the "browser and user of CKD official account" by natural persons and corporation will be "users".)

2 )This agreement provides information on CKD official account in terms of browsing / use by users (uploaded texts, quotations, deletions, and other forms of use shall also be included). "

3 )By browsing, and using CKD official account, the user agrees to this agreement.

Prohibited Items

Users of CKD official account must not conduct the following acts (including actions that may occur)

a ) Acts of infringing the rights and interests of CKD, other users or other third parties

b ) Acts of conducting slander, insult, damaging of honor, trust, privacy, etc., (CKD, other users' third party's E-mail address, telephone number, address, including acts that disclose information that leads to the identification of an individual), or acts that interfere with business

c ) Acts that violate the Public Official Election Act

d ) Acts of soliciting participation in religious organizations or other organizations or groups

e ) Acts of soliciting investment, donation, fund provision or purchase of goods or services, etc.

f ) Acts of introducing other websites that CKD deems inappropriate or soliciting recruitment or acts of using the contents of CKD official account to download files

g ) Acts of diverting information obtained through the CKD official account for commercial purposes

h ) Acts of sending harmful programs or files, such as viruses or the like, to CKD, other users or other third parties through use of the CKD official account, which hamper the normal functioning of the software and hardware of the computer

i ) Act of posting information / contents without legitimate authority

j ) Act of hindering the user's browsing/use, providing information from CKD through CKD official account

k )Dishonest acts of accessing the CKD official account by way of hacking, and acts of monitoring or copying all or part of CKD data

l ) Other acts not stipulated from a) to k), that violate the terms of use, public order and morals, laws or penal regulations stipulated by the SNS provider, or otherwise judged by CKD to be inappropriate

Deletion and Restrictions of Use

In the event that CKD determines that there are circumstances specified in the following items of this section by a user, CKD may modify or delete the user's writings or restrict their access, browsing and/or use of the CKD official account. The user shall have no argument in the actions taken by CKD.

a ) When there is no longer a need to continue posting, writing and quoting on the CKD official account

b ) If the user violates the agreement terms

c ) In addition to the conditions in a) b), when deletion / modification of written contents become necessary


In case of tangible and intangible damage inflicted to another third party, the user shall compensate for damages or other settlement at his / her own responsibility and burden. CKD shall not assume any responsibility, and the user shall not inconvenience or burden CKD in any way with respect to this matter.


a ) CKD does not guarantee or authorize the information provided by users through the CKD official account.Therefore, CKD assumes no responsibility even if damage or the like occurs to any user by trusting the contents.Regarding the official announcement / views of CKD, please confirm with press releases, etc., issued by CKD.

b ) Please acknowledge in advance that CKD will not respond to all comments and inquiries received from the CKD official account by users.

Attribution of Rights

a ) All copyrights (including the rights provided in Articles 27 and 28 of the Copyright Law) and all other intellectual property rights on the information posted through the CKD official account belong to CKD Corporation. The user shall not exercise the author's moral rights on this.In regard to attribution and waivering of such rights, the user shall have no right to charge for compensation.

b ) The user may not use any information provided through the CKD official account beyond what is permitted under the copyright law, without the permission of the right holder.Especially, the use for commercial purposes without the written permission of CKD is prohibited.

Change in Contract

CKD shall be able to change the contents of these Terms of Use without obtaining the consent of the user.In such a case, the modified terms will without question come into force as soon as CKD publishes them through the website or other methods, after which the user will be subject to the new terms and conditions.

Court of Competent Jurisdiction

Regarding the use and the dispute accompanying this agreement, the Nagoya District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance.