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Food packaging machine

ECO Blister

CFF-360EECO Blister


CFF offers user-friendly performance. Food packaging machine.

Scrap in the film run direction can be eliminated.

Improvement of operability and safety.

Each unit can be opened easily by cylinder assisting method.

Touch panel adopting "Universal design"


Packaging ability (Bottom film width) 200~360mm
Packaging ability (Film feed pitch) 120~200mm
Packaging ability (Production speed) MAX 20Shots/min (Changed by goods)
Forming depth 60mm(MAX)
Bottom film material Thermoplastic film (ex. A-PET,PP,HIPS,PVC,PVDC)
Top film material Various composite film (ex.PA+PE,PET+MPET+PE)
Packaging style (Standard) Ο
Packaging style (Full-fill) Ο
Power supply* AC200V (51KVA)
Compressed air 0.6MPa  1,600NL/min
Weight* About 3,800kg
Length* 7,200mm
♦PP needs cooling water of 10 to 20 degrees. *Depends on the specifications.

Machine outer dimensions

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