Social Contribution Activities

Social Contribution Activities

We aim to be an “open” company that can co-exist with local communities and contribute to society.

With “contributions to environmental preservation”, “contributions to the nurturing of the next generation”, and “contributions to social and cultural development” as our initiatives, CKD has been committed to providing continuous support to the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.
We strive to realize a sustainable society both in Japan and overseas together with local communities.

Basic Policy

As a good corporate citizen, we value engagement with local communities, promote social contribution activities, and strive to play our part in creating an affluent society. (Based on our Corporate Philosophy, Corporate Commitment, and Standards of Conduct)


Contributing to the Preservation of the Environment

CKD forestation activities

  • Since 2014, CKD employees and their families have been participating in volunteer activities to preserve forest areas in the Kaisho Forest area of Seto City, Aichi Prefecture. This area has volunteer activities throughout the year, including pruning and trimming, maintaining the trees and bushes around the viewing area, and preserving the promenade.

Clean-up activity around the Oyama River

  • CKD co-sponsors the Oyama River Clean-up, in which employees and local residents work together in the autumn cleanup event. These efforts serve to revitalize the area around the Oyama River that runs through Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture, where the CKD’s head office and factory are located, and we participate in environmental preservation activities to restore the river and preserve its rich natural environment.

Clean-up of Owari Koiki Ryokudo Road

Once a month, we hold a clean-up of the Owari Koiki Ryokudo road next door to our Inuyama Plant. The clean-up includes the park area and multipurpose open ground, which are used every summer for the local community’s O-bon dance party.

Efforts to preserve the environment in China

CKD (China) Corporation participated in activities together with companies located around the plant to preserve the environment, such as promoting eco-activities and cleaning up refuse around local roads.

Efforts to preserve the environment in Thailand

  • Employees of CKD THAI CORPORATION LTD. participated in a coral reef conservation activity at Sattahip Naval Base that involved planting coral.

Nurturing the Next Generation

Teaching science through manufacturing (monozukuri)

  • Since 2015, CKD has been sponsoring a science class for elementary school students in the area around our Komaki facility, where the head office is located. Noting that children are becoming increasingly distanced from science, our goal is to increase their interest in science and nurture those who will be the leaders in the years ahead.

Practical training for those studying pharmacy

  • CKD also conducts practical training for pharmacy students in their fifth year of study. The training centers on the theme of deepening the students’ knowledge related to PTP* sheets, including how to operate the PTP machines for pharmaceutical packaging and how PTP sheets are manufactured.

    * PTP stands for “Press Through Package”, where medicine can be removed from the packaging by pressing it through the enclosing package material.

Sponsoring Science Intercollegiate

  • CKD co-sponsors Science Intercollegiate, which supports independent research by students. In fiscal 2018, one of 100 student presentations from around Japan was selected to receive the CKD award.

Contributing to Social and Cultural Development

Eco-cap and used stamp collection activities

CKD is involved in the collection of PET bottle caps and used stamps. The collected caps are sold to recycling companies, with the profits donated to provide vaccines to children around the world. Used stamps are donated to organizations that provide medical support overseas or sold to collectors, with the proceeds used to fund those organizations’ activities.

Efforts aimed at promoting blood donations

CKD has conducted blood drives since 2006. In fiscal 2021, 168 people took part.

Table for Two

Table for Two is a project that sends meals to children in Africa, funded through a donation of ¥20 per meal from the healthy offerings at the Company’s cafeterias. Cafeterias at four CKD plants in Japan take part in the program.

Cooperation with Kodomo 110-Ban House Program

CKD cooperates with the Kodomo 110-Ban House program, which supports local children by providing them with safe places to seek refuge in an emergency to protect themselves from suspicious strangers.

Social Contribution Activities in the US

  • CKD USA CORPORATION participates in the Christmas tree decorating event at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, Illinois. A portion of the participation fee is donated to fund the protection of wildlife and forests. The company’s social contribution efforts also include participation in Toys for Tots, which provides Christmas presents for underprivileged children.