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Pharmaceutical packaging machine

Pillow wrapping machine

HPL-80EMedical pillow wrapper


High speed stability and compact design has been realized.- Corresponding to 8000 tablets/min line -


・Overall line length has been considerably shortened.
  (Up to about 1000mm can be shortened compared to our conventional machines.)
・More than 10% of packaging film can be saved. (Compared to our conventional machines.)
・Due to less positional shifting of blister sheets in the pillow bag, pillow bag length can be shortened.
・Operator friendly display which facilitates intuitive operation.
・Stable sealing capability be obtained even under high speed operation.

Efficiency 6 to 80 bags/min
Product packaging range Width   30 - 93.5mm
Height   3 - 60mm
Length  80 - 150mm
Film width 90 - 320mm
Power used 200VAC 3-phase 50/60HZ 30A
Dimensions (L)2,870 x (W)1,100 x (H)1,400
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