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Privacy Policy for CKD Official Website

We operate the CKD Corporation official website as a service tool for our customers. Customers may be asked for personal information on some webpages (to use optional or voluntary services such as questionnaires, inquiries, registration for our mailing list, etc.).
The personal information asked of site visitors is mainly their name, email address, phone number, and postal address, which are required for site visitors to receive CKD’s service information. We may ask additional questions for the purposes of providing service information that meet customer needs, but it is optional to answer any questions beyond providing the minimum required information. Also, CKD will never make any changes to collected personal information without the concerned person’s consent.
Depending on the service offered on our website, we may inform personal information to third parties for the purposes of providing customers with better services (e.g., when we need to inform a customer’s name and postal address to a delivery company to whom we entrust shipping).

Handling of Personal Information

1 ) CKD safely stores the personal information collected via the CKD website under tight security. We also enforce strict internal controls and never allow any personal information to be taken off-site.

2 ) Each customers’ registered information is secured by a password for privacy protection. Users are responsible for safeguarding and managing their own passwords. Please make sure that your password is not leaked to third parties. Also, please do not inform your password to third parties. CKD is not responsible for trouble caused by the leakage of passwords due to the user’s inattention. Also, CKD never directly asks our customers to disclose their passwords to us.

3 ) Personal information collected on the CKD website is not shared with third parties unless it is required by law or to protect company's right or property. We also try to minimize the number of employees who have access to our customers’ personal information in order to prevent any related accidents.

Intended Use of Personal Information

Delivering email newsletters

Taking statistical surveys to track user trends in a way that individuals are not identifiable

Sending out questionnaires

Delivering requested documents and catalogs

Responding to customer opinions and requests

Introducing our products

Other uses within the range permitted by users

Warranty and Limitation of Liability

Users use the CKD Corporation official website at their own responsibility.
CKD is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by using the information of this website and other websites linked to this website.

Use of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

This website uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption for the safe communication of important data such as customers' personal information. The SSL technology secures the data exchange between your web browser and the web server where this website is seated. Also, special settings are not required to use SSL. The SSL function is automatically activated when needed as long as you use a common browser that supports the security function, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, etc. If your browser does not have an SSL setting or if your browser does not support SSL, your browser may not be able to display certain pages or allow you to input information.


This website uses cookies to provide repeat visitors of this website with more comfortable and quicker browsing. Cookies do not violate your privacy or cause harmful effects on your computer.
CKD may use cookies for the specific purposes described in “Intended Use of Personal Information” with prior consent of the user who uses this website.
The users may block cookies from a browser setting. Even in that case, users can view our website without any problems. For questions about setting up your browser, please contact the software vendor.

Applicable Laws

This website is managed by CKD Corporation.
The visitors who access this website and CKD Corporation agree to be bound by the laws of Japan in respect to the use of this website, irrespective of the differences of the legal principles of the country from which the visitors access the website. Also, CKD does not provide any statements or indications of whether or not our website’s contents are suitable to the customers’ environments. Viewing and using this website are entirely at the customer’s discretion and responsibility.