Integrated Report "CKD Report"

Integrated Report "CKD Report"

Instead of "CSR Report(only availabel in Japanese)" , CKD is publishing the Integrated Report "CKD Report" that summarizes non-financial and financial information.

 Organizations covered in the report: In principle consolidated CKD Group companies

 Scope of the report: In principle from April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021 but includes certain periods before and after in order to provide more detailed information.

Split download

  • P03~P34

    CKD’s Corporate Value Creation(5.54MB)

      Message from the Chairperson

      Interview with Chairperson and President

      CKD Supports Society

      CKD Continually Evolves

      Tree of Growth

      At a Glance

      Corporate Value Creation Model

      CKD’s Foundation to Realize Value Creation


      Risks and Opportunities

      Stakeholder Engagement

      Financial Highlight

      Non-Financial Highlights

  • P35~P42

    Management Strategies(964KB)

      Financial and Capital Strategies

      Business Overview and Outlook

       ・Automatic Machinery

       ・Component Products

       ・Sales and Marketing

  • P43~P56


      Corporate Governance

      Messages from External Directors

      Conversation with External Audit & Supervisory Board Members

      Board of Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board Members


      Risk Management


      Human Resources

  • P57~P60

    Financial and Corporate Data(230KB)

      11-Year Summary

      Share Information

      Corporate Data


Consolidated Financial Statements