Integrated Report "CKD Report"

Integrated Report "CKD Report"

Instead of "CSR Report(only availabel in Japanese)" , CKD is publishing the Integrated Report "CKD Report" that summarizes non-financial and financial information.

Split download

  • P03~P20

    CKD's Values(2.66MB)

      CKD’s Principles

      CKD’s History “Customer-Oriented Innovation”

      CKD’s Business Value that Helps Solve Social Issues

      Message from the CEO

      Corporate Value Creation Model


      Risks and Opportunities

      Stakeholder Engagement

  • P21~P50

    CKD's Growth Strategies(1.17MB)

      Message from the COO

      Medium-Term Management Plan

      Message from the CFO

      Financial and Capital Strategies

      Strategy by Business

      DX Strategy

      Sustainability Strategy


      Addressing Climate Change Risks and the TCFD

      Human Capital

      Technology and Intellectual Capital

      Human Rights

      Supply Chain Management

  • P51~P64

    Corporate Governance(0.53MB)

      Roundtable Discussion with Chairperson and Independent Directors

      Corporate Governance

      Board of Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board Members


      Risk Management

  • P65~P70

    Corporate Data(0.28MB)

      Financial/Non-Financial Highlights

      11-Year Summary

      Share Information

      Corporate Data


Consolidated Financial Statements