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New released Electric actuators.【Japan only release】

We have released 14 models of electric actuators and a controller.

The “D Series” electric actuator for 2-position control, the “ESC3 Series” applicable controller, and the “G Series” multipoint positioning control electric actuator that can be connected to the high-function controller, the ECG Series.

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【D Series (Screw drive type)】
Rod type DSSD2 Series
Stopper type DSTK Series
Guided type DSTG Series, DSTS Series, DSTL Series

【D Series (Spring drive type)】
Compact guided type DMSDG Series
2-Finger Gripper type DLSH Series
3-Finger Gripper type DCKW Series

【Controller for D Series】
Controller ESC3 Series

【G Series (Screw drive type)】
Rod type GSSD2 Series
Stopper type GSTK Series
Guided type GSTG Series, GSTS Series, GSTL Series
3-Finger Gripper type GCKW Series
ECG Series is the controller for G Series.