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Further downsizing was realized along with the well-received functions of the existing controller ECR Series. Providing the same operability, the series realizes just 38% the footprint of the conventional.
With an expanded network compatibility, even the highly in demand EtherNet/IP is supported. A new ONE controller system that supports actuators of multiple models and sizes. Contributes to inventory reduction.

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[Easy management of controller inventory]
Electric motion components that are becoming more commonly used.
Significantly reduces the increasing controller inventory.
●Realized a common controller for □25 to □35, □35 to □56

[Easily design the control panel]
Can be installed adjacently in smaller spaces, contributing to space saving of the control panel.
● Heat dissipation holes are installed on the top and bottom of the controller
● Adjacent installation possible and installation space reduced by 62%

[S-Tools for easy settings]
S-Tools inherits the operational feel of the popular AX-Tools for ABSODEX.
Can be operated with the same software as the ECR Series controller and 2-finger gripper FFLD Series.
● Free software downloaded from HP
● USB mini-B compatible
● Intuitive operation is possible by making heavy use of icons and animations

Model No. Product name Interface specs Remarks
ECG-ANNN30-NPControllerPIOCompatible with EJSG, EBS-G, EBR-G, GSSD2, GSTK, GSTG, GSTS, GSTL Series electric actuators
ECG-ANNN30-LKControllerIO-LinkCompatible with EJSG, EBS-G, EBR-G, GSSD2, GSTK, GSTG, GSTS, GSTL Series electric actuators
ECG-ANNN30-CLControllerCC-LinkCompatible with EJSG, EBS-G, EBR-G, GSSD2, GSTK, GSTG, GSTS, GSTL Series electric actuators
ECG-ANNN30-ECControllerEtherCATCompatible with EJSG, EBS-G, EBR-G, GSSD2, GSTK, GSTG, GSTS, GSTL Series electric actuators
ECG-ANNN30-ENControllerEtherNet/IPCompatible with EJSG, EBS-G, EBR-G, GSSD2, GSTK, GSTG, GSTS, GSTL Series electric actuators
ECG-BNNN30-NPControllerPIOCompatible with FLSH-G, FLCR-G, FGRC-G, GCKW Series electric actuators
ECG-BNNN30-LKControllerIO-LinkCompatible with FLSH-G, FLCR-G, FGRC-G, GCKW Series electric actuators
ECG-BNNN30-CLControllerCC-LinkCompatible with FLSH-G, FLCR-G, FGRC-G, GCKW Series electric actuators
ECG-BNNN30-ECControllerEtherCATCompatible with FLSH-G, FLCR-G, FGRC-G, GCKW Series electric actuators
ECG-BNNN30-ENControllerEtherNet/IPCompatible with FLSH-G, FLCR-G, FGRC-G, GCKW Series electric actuators

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