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Announcing the release of the ABSODEX AX1R/AX2R/AX4R/AXD Series

September 25, 2023


Announcing the release of the ABSODEX AX1R/AX2R/AX4R/AXD Series

CKD Corporation (Headquarters: Komaki City, Aichi, Japan, President: Katsuhito Okuoka) will release the new ABSODEX AX1R/AX2R/AX4R/AXD Series Direct Drive Actuator models on September 26, 2023.

1.Background to Development
The current models of the ABSODEX AX Series have been well received by many customers since their launch in 2009 and are used in production facilities around the world.
In addition to a 50% smaller driver, the new model is easier to use than ever with improved functions, contributing to simplified equipment design and increased production efficiency for our customers.


2.Major Applications
Swiveling index tables in assembly, transfer, and inspection processes

3.Product Features
(1) New driver that is 50% smaller than the previous model
The driver volume has been downsized by 50% compared to conventional models, significantly reducing the space required for installation.

(2) New PC setup software that anyone can use (AX-Tools)
A visual program mode has been added for easy program creation with mouse operation. Anyone can use the PC setup software for easy start-up.

(3) Three types of actuators are available for different applications
AX1R Series: High-precision type with high indexing accuracy, shaft runout, and surface runout, ideal for small component assembly and inspection applications.
AX2R Series: Compact with a small diameter and low shaft inertia, this high-speed type enables high-speed operation.
AX4R Series: Standard type with built-in load-bearing and the most robust body.

(4) Inherits conventional ease of use
Actuator mounting dimensions are interchangeable. Programs, parameters, and I/O signal assignments are also compatible with old and new models, making it easy to replace current models.

4. Main Specifications
Maximum Output Torque
AX1R Series : 22 to 210 N・m
AX2R Series : 6 to 18 N・m
AX4R Series : 9 to 1000 N・m

Interface Specifications
AXD Series: Parallel I/O, CC-Link, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP

5.Retail Price (tax excluded)
AX1R Series: List Price 539,500 yen to 861,100 yen
AX2R Series: List Price 242,000 yen to 282,900 yen
AX4R Series: List Price 210,900 yen to 1,480,200 yen

AXD Series: List Price 112,200 yen to 211,000 yen

6.Sales Plan
FY2023: 460 million yen
FY2025: 1,390 million yen

7.Release Date
September 26, 2023