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Announcing the release of the Plug-in Block Manifold “TVG Series” with Pilot-operated 3- and 5-port valves

September 12, 2023


Announcing the release of the Plug-in Block Manifold “TVG Series” with Pilot-operated 3- and 5-port valves

CKD Corporation (Headquarters: Komaki City, Aichi, Japan, President: Katsuhito Okuoka) is pleased to announce the release of the Plug-in Block Manifold “TVG Series” of Pilot operated 3, 5-port valves.

1.Background to Development
There is a growing demand for plug-in pneumatic valves (*) that are safe and environmentally resistant, and that can be easily installed and expanded even by workers with limited experience. Under these circumstances, we have developed a valve that meets the specifications and options required globally and can respond quickly to future equipment and facility specifications.
* Plug-in valves are becoming the mainstream in Japan and abroad because of their easy-to-use structure that completes internal wiring at the same time as assembly.

2.Major Applications
① For use in assembly and inspection equipment for electronic components requiring high tact.
② Solenoid valves for cylinder drive.
③ Use for driving pneumatic components from electrode production to packaging in the rechargeable battery manufacturing process.
④ Use as solenoid valves installed in internal explosion-proof control panels.

3.Product Features
① Contributes to reduction of environmental impact
Thorough improvements in seal design, materials, and other details ensure sustained “energy-saving operation” with minimal air leakage, even over long periods of use. In addition, this plug-in valve is the culmination of our commitment to environmental friendliness, including the use of recycled resin materials and an optional coil with low heat generation and power-saving circuit.

② High durability and reliability
Achieved a durability of over 120 million cycles (based on our specified conditions). Stable operation due to low friction supports reliable operation of the internal spools, ensuring stable operation of equipment and reducing quality variations.
It also complies with global standards (CE, RoHS, UKCA).

③ Plug-in valves with extreme ease of operation
Adding valves is completed only by wiring the plug-in. Retrofitting of spacer components, etc., can also be easily performed.

④ Positioning support as standard equipment
A “positioning support” for easy positioning between the valve and base is standard. Since the gasket is built into the base, there are no parts to drop out when the valve is added.

⑤ Improved environmental performance
IP65/67 (dust and rod jet resistance) for tough use, assuming use in processes that require dustproofing and waterproofing. It has environmental performance such that dust cannot penetrate inside, no harmful effects are caused by water jets from any direction, and no harmful amount of water can penetrate even when temporarily submerged under water at a predetermined pressure and time.

⑥ Wireless-enabled IO-Link Wireless device unit
An uninterrupted IO-Link Wireless solenoid valve with device unit that can be used for control is available. It can be installed even on a rotary table, where wiring and operation may cause twisting and disconnection, and can be used in any location.

4. Main Specifications
① Size: 10mm (TVG1), 15mm (TVG2)
② Protective structure: IP65/67
③ Voltage: 24 VDC
④ Power consumption: 0.4W (standard), 0.1W (low heat generation, with power saving circuit)
⑤ Endurance: 120 million cycles or more
⑥ Max. station number: 24 stations (Max. point count: 32 pts.)
Supported communications: EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, EtherCAT, CC-Link IE TSN*, CC-Link IE Field, CC-Link IE Basic, CC-Link, IO-Link, IO-Link WireLess*
*First in the industry

5.Retail Price (tax excluded)
TVG1 (Station number: 6, Communication: EtherNet/IP) List Price: 243,800 yen
TVG2 (Station number: 6, Communication: EtherNet/IP) List Price: 253,820 yen

6.Sales Plan
FY2023 (first year): 590 million yen
FY2023-2025 (3 years): 2,478 million yen

7.Release Date
September 13, 2023

8.Product Photo