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Announcing the release of the “Multifit Valve,” a Direct-acting 2, 3-port solenoid valve for controlling a wide variety of fluids

June 29, 2022

Announcing the release of the “Multifit Valve,”
a Direct-acting 2, 3-port solenoid valve for controlling a wide variety of fluids 

CKD Corporation (Headquarters: Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture, President: Katsuhito Okuoka) announced the release of a Direct acting 2, 3-port solenoid valve “Multi-fit valve” for multi-fluid control on June, 30, 2022.

1.Product Overview
Based on the concept of high reliability, easy selection, and ease of use required by the market, the new series will be the NEW STANDARD of fluid control valves with a new structure. The new series comes equipped with functions required for various industrial applications as standard, further enhancing reliability, and can handle a wide variety of fluids in this single series.
The new series will also contribute to carbon neutrality by reducing waste through longer service life and CO2 emissions through power savings.

2.Major Applications
(1) Compressed air supply and air blow control
(2) Dry air supply and N2 (inert gas) purge in the rechargeable battery manufacturing process
(3) Water supply and drainage control of the cleaning solution, temperature control with cooling water
(4) Turbine oil control, coolant/cutting oil control
(5) Vacuum switching control, suction control

3.Product Features
(1) Standard equipment with high functionality
① High durability (4 times higher durability than CKD conventional products)
The integrated structure of sliding parts reduces sliding resistance and realizes the same level of durability of 20 million cycles in dry air, which is equivalent to that of general air (under our test conditions).

② Utilizes highly corrosion-resistant materials
High corrosion-resistant materials are adopted for the plunger and flare pipe to greatly improve corrosion resistance. Dezincified brass is used for the brass body to reduce the risk of internal leakage. The flare pipe is integrally molded without welding to reduce rust formation at the wetted parts.

③ Full-wave rectifier equipped coil provided as standard (AC type)
Prevents buzzing of AC (current) coils generated when foreign matter is caught. Significant energy saving of 11W→4.5W has also been realized.
(When using valve size 3, power reduction of 60% compared with our conventional products)

④ Pressure resistant container structure adopted
The flow path is not exposed when the coil is replaced, and there are no worries about external fluid leakage.

⑤ High level quietness (metal noise reduced by 35% compared to our conventional products)
Silent rubber is used to reduce metal noise during operation. It can be used even in quiet environments such as medical institutions and laboratories.

(2) High maintainability
Coils can be attached/detached with a push-in clip. Coils can be easily attached/detached without removing the screw or nut.

(3) High installability
The coil rotates 360° and enables a flexible layout. High flexibility in installation allows for the effective use of narrow spaces near difficult-to-handle walls. Flexible installation even when expanding lines.

4.Main specifications
(1) Coil width    : 4 sizes : 24, 30, 35, 40 (mm)
(2) Body material  : Aluminum, brass, stainless steel
(3) Port thread    : Rc, NPT, G
(4) Electric wiring   : Lead wire, DIN terminal box, conduit, HP terminal box
(5) Power supply voltage  : AC100V, AC110V, AC200V, AC220V, DC12V, DC24V
(6) Degree of protection   : IP65
(7) Manifold station No.    : 2 to 10 stations (3-way valve: brass, stainless steel body, 2 to 5 stations)

5.Retail price (tax excluded)
Discrete valve
2-port: FFB Series: List price 3,000 yen to 10,900 yen
3-port: FFG Series : List price 4,200 yen to 11,650 yen

6.Sales plan
FY2022 (first year) 66 million yen
FY2022-2024 (three years) 654 million yen

7.Release Date  June 30, 2022

8.Product image

[From left: FFBM (2-port/manifold), FFB (2-port), FFG (3-port) ]