ESG Data



Corporate Governance

  • *1Excluding domestic group companies
  • *2Total for overseas plants
  • *3CO2emissions (Japan) and target of Scope differ, so totals do not match
  • *4Used Japan emissions coefficient
  • *5Tohoku Plant (solar power generation)
  • *6Thailand Plant (solar power generation)
  • *7Total of plants’ industrial waste products
  • *8Komaki Plant and Kasugai Plant (including stormwater and coolant water), Inuyama Plant, Yokkaichi Plant
  • *9Komaki Plant, Tohoku Plant
  • *10Number of deaths and injuries from industrial accidents per million total working hours. Frequency of industrial accidents.
  • *11Number of working days lost per 1,000 total working hours. Degree of severity of accidents.
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