Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Name of Company
CKD Corporation
April 2, 1943
Paid-in Capital
11,016 million yen
Number of Employees
[Non-Consolidated] 2,469 [Consolidated] 4,515 (As of March 31, 2021)
Annual Sales
[Non-Consolidated] 88,296 million yen [Consolidated] 106,723 million yen (As of March 31, 2021)
Line of Business
Development, manufacture, sale and export of automation machinery, drive components, pneumatic control components, pneumatic auxiliary components, and fluid control components.
Address of the Head Office
250, Ouji 2-chome, Komaki, Aichi, 485-8551, Japan Phone: (0568)77-1111 MAP
Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile (PDF: 10.1MB/20 pages)

Board of Directors’ List


Representative Director Chairperson of the Board and Chief Executive Officer
Kazunori Kajimoto
President and Chief Operating Officer
Katsuhito Okuoka
Director and Managing Executive Officer
Katsunori Hayashida
Director and Executive Officer
Shinji Yuhara
Noriko Asai
Kazumasa Uemura
Stefan Sacré


Standing Auditor
Masafumi Kokubo
Koichi Hayashi
Takeshi Sawaizumi
Shuzo Hashimoto

10 Male and 1 female (female Director accounts for 9.1 % of all Directors)
* Outside Independent Director under the rules of financial instruments exchange

Technical Fellow

Technical Fellow
Tatsuya Nishio

Executive Officer

Executive Officer
Katsuhiro Niidera
Executive Officer
Kazuhide Okada
Executive Officer
Shigeru Kawamura
Executive Officer
Yoshiaki Kitahora
Executive Officer
Yoshiyuki Amamo
Executive Officer
Satoru Kawaguchi


April 1943
Established under the name of “Japan Aircraft Electric Co., Ltd.” in Nagoya City with 10 million yen in capital.
Started manufacturing and selling aviation-related electric parts, etc. for airplanes.
October 1945
Renamed the company “Chukyo Electric Co., Ltd.”
Business Purpose: Manufacture, repair and sales of electric machine and appliances
May 1947
Started manufacturing lamp manufacturing machines.
December 1956
Started mass-producing various types of solenoids, pneumatic cylinders and valves.
Established the component division in addition to the machinery division.
June 1961
Constructed and moved to a new factory in Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture.
October 1962
Listed the company on the second section of Nagoya Stock Exchange.
February 1971
Listed the company on the first section of Nagoya Stock Exchange.
July 1979
Renamed the company “CKD Corporation.”
November 1979
Listed the company on the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
August 1984
Established “M-CKD PRECISION SDN.BHD.” in Malaysia.
October 1985
Established “CKD USA CORPORATION” in the USA.
June 1987
Established the “Wuxi Pneumatic Research Institute, CKD Pneumatic Technical Training Center” in China.
May 1988
Established “CKD THAI CORPORATION LTD.” in Thailand.
June 1989
Established “CKD SINGAPORE PTE.LTD.” in Singapore.
October 1995
Established a new corporate identity, logo, color and communication name.
January 2000
Merged CKD Controls Ltd.
October 2000
Merged CKD Seiki Ltd. and CKD Precision Ltd.
October 2001
Established “CKD (Shanghai) Corporation” in China.
January 2003
Merged domestic sales subsidiaries.
Established “CKD (China) Corporation” in China.
December 2003
Established “CKD Corporation Europe Branch” in the Netherlands.
April 2007
Established “Taiwan CKD Corporation” in Taiwan.
January 2011
Established a branch office in Singapore.
July 2012
Renamed the company “CKD Corporation.”
November 2012
Established “CKD Field Engineering Corporation” in Japan.
October 2013
Completed a new plant for “CKD (China) Corporation.”
May 2014
Established “PT CKD TRADING INDONESIA” in Indonesia.
June 2014
Established “CKD VIETNAM ENGINEERING Co., LTD.” in Vietnam.
August 2014
Established “PT CKD MANUFACTURING INDONESIA” in Indonesia.
March 2015
Established “CKD MEXICO, S. de R.L. de C.V.” in Mexico.
December 2015
Established “CKD India Private Limited” in India.
November 2016
Established "CKD Europe B.V." in the Netherlands.
April 2017
"NIKKI DENSO CO., LTD." became CKD's affiliated company to become CKD NIKKI DENSO CO., LTD.
April 2018
Opening of the " ‘Ohana nursery school " one-site day-care center at the Headquarters / Komaki Factory.
January 2019
Completed a new plant " Tohoku plant " in Ohira Village, Miyagi Prefecture.
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