Business Overview

Business Overview

With the growth of our product lineup, CKD is contributing to helping manufacturing businesses around the world.
We are proud of our rich product portfolio that covers all fields with over 500,000 products supporting manufacturing sites all over the world.
It is continually enhanced by taking advantage of our automation and liquid control technologies which create the steady flow of products developed to meet the needs of our customers.

Component Products

Drive Components

CKD's drive components, such as pneumatic cylinders and electromotive actuators, are actively used in a wide range of industries as a substitute for human hands and feet since these products enable automation easily and economically. While developing automated systems to meet a wide range of industrial needs, CKD is incorporating “air pressure technology” to promote environmental protection and energy-savings from a practical viewpoint. We will continuously strive to develop new products while meeting the market’s exact needs as a pioneer of pneumatic technology.

Electric components

We have always had this long-term theme for the development and manufacturing of automated devices -- “Higher precision, faster operation and lower costs.” Valuing this perpetual theme of ours, we have created labor-saving components that reflect our original viewpoint and technological strengths. These products are based on customer needs. The lineup includes “Index Units,” “Direct Drive Motors” and “Pick and Place Units” that can effectively pick up work pieces with the highest degree of performance in terms of control, output, rigidity, speed and smoothness.

Pneumatic control components

Pneumatic control components are products that control the flow of air, including control valves, and pneumatic cylinder drives. They are compatible with open networks for the introduction of IoT. We develop automation systems that meet the needs of a wide range of industries and, from practical perspectives, propose “pneumatic technologies” that are conscious of background factors such as environmental measures and energy conservation considerations. As a pioneer in pneumatic technologies, we will continue to engage in product development that accurately captures the needs of the market.

Pneumatic auxiliary devices

The manufacturing industry faces increasingly higher standards of quality control for compressed air products that require high flow rate, high cleanliness, low noise and efficient energy-savings . CKD is earnestly expanding and enriching the variety of peripheral system components and cultivating new needs by making the best use of its plethora of achievements and knowledge related to the development and manufacture of clean air systems and pneumatic auxiliary components. We have so far developed “FRL Units” and “Refrigerated Air Dryers” (Zero Aqua G Series) with a zero coefficient of ozone disruption.

Fluid control components

CKD’s core technological field lies in developing units and systems to control and efficiently utilize fluids such as water, air, gas, steam and oil. We have made not only various kinds of valves and unit system components but also environmental protection equipment such as greenery water spray systems, dust collector control systems, gas combustion systems, washing equipment and water treatment systems. Our business fields are expanding without limit.
The concept of CKD’s fluid control components is high quality and wide variation.

Fine system components

The electronics industry that produces devices such as semiconductors and liquid crystals has made consistent progress. Factories must have a clean environment for manufacturing, clean manufacturing equipment, and clean devices. We are continuously challenging the difficulties of “ultra-high level process control” and unlimited cleanliness support for an endlessly evolving electronic device industry by providing various equipment used to manufacture semiconductors and liquid crystal devices from the supply systems to the exhaust systems.

Automatic Machinery

Our cross-industrial lineups of automated machine systems include “systems for making lamps and bulbs” (inheriting CKD's founding tradition), “automatic packaging machines” (mainly for pharmaceuticals and foods), and “secondary battery manufacturing systems” and “solder paste inspection machines.” CKD is pursuing factory automation in the form of unmanned processes and quality improvement, by taking from these applied technologies an electronic eye that enables “measurement and inspection by image processing and recognition.”