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Notice of CKD’s response to the state of emergency Japanese government declared (April 17)

April 17, 2020


Notice of CKD’s response to the state of emergency Japanese government declared (April 17)


CKD would like sincerely to express our sympathy to all the people who have been affected and concerned by the spread of the new coronavirus infection. We continue to implement necessary measures to prevent the spread of infection, with the health and safety aspects of our customers, business partners and employees first.
As the Japanese government declared expansion of nationwide of a state of emergency, CKD has announced the following response:

1. Sales activities
With the expansion of the emergency declaration nationwide, we are switching to work remotely for continuing our business.
In sales activities, CKD responds by telephone, e-mail, web conference, etc. according to customer’s specification and request. In addition, Ordering / receiving of products are operating as usual.
Due to the transition to work remotely, we announce the contact information as follows.

2.Contact information
(1)Automatic Machinery
(1-1)Automatic Machinery Business Division
・Tokyo Sales Dept.
・Nagoya Sales Dept.
・Osaka Sales Dept.
・Overseas Sales Dept.
・Sales Administration Dept.
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・CKD Field Engineering Corporation
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(2)Component Products
Please contact your nearest sales office by the inquiry form below.
For how to use our products, please contact to Technical Support Desk by the inquiry form below.


Sales offices

East Japan

Hokkaido  :Sapporo Sales Office
Iwate       :Kitakami Sales Office
Miyagi      :Sendai Sales Office
Yamagata :Yamagata Sales Office
Fukushima:Koriyama Sales Office
Tochigi     :Utsunomiya Sales Office
Gunma     :Ota Sales Office
Ibaraki     :Ibaraki Sales Office
Saitama   :Saitama Sales Office
Chiba       :Chiba Sales Office
Tokyo       :Tokyo Sales Office, Tachikawa Sales Office
Kanagawa:Atsugi Sales Office, Yokohama Sales Office
Yamanashi:Kofu Sales Office
Niigata     :Nagaoka Sales Office*Sales Management, East Japan Branch

Central Japan

Aichi         :Komaki Sales Office, Nagoya Sales Office, Toyota Sales Office,
Mikawa Sales Office
Mie           :Yokkaichi Sales Office
Shizuoka   :Shizuoka Sales Office, Hamamatsu Sales Office
Nagano     :Matsumoto Sales Office
Toyama     :Toyama Sales Office
Ishikawa   :Kanazawa Sales Office*Sales Management, Central Japan Branch

West Japan

Osaka       :Osaka Sales Office, Osakahigashi Sales Office
Hyogo       :Kobe Sales Office
Shiga        :Shiga Sales Office
Kyoto        :Kyoto Sales Office
Nara          :Nara Sales Office
Okayama   :Okayama Sales Office
Hiroshima  :Hiroshima Sales Office
Yamaguchi :Yamaguchi Sales Office
Kagawa     :Takamatsu Sales Office
Ehime       :Matsuyama Sales Office
Fukuoka    :Fukuoka Sales Office, Kitakyushu Sales Office
Kumamoto:Kumamoto Sales Office*Sales Management, West Japan Branch

*Furthermore, we inform that available to contact Sales Management of each branch above.
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