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CKD announces the release of the Device Visual Programming Tool “ExiaStudio”

March 30, 2023

CKD announces the release of the Device Visual Programming Tool “ExiaStudio”

CKD Corporation (Headquarters: Komaki City, Aichi, President: Katsuhito Okuoka) will release the Device Visual Programming Tool “ExiaStudio” on March 31, 2023.

1.Background to Development
In order to introduce production management systems and manage traceability at manufacturing sites, an increasing number of facilities are linking information-gathering PCs with PLCs for equipment control. This product has been developed to help customers in various ways as a software product that enables information collection to facility control with a single PC.
Anyone can easily program the system without any technical knowledge, contributing to smarter and DX-oriented equipment.

2.Major Applications
(1)Control of various facilities centering on our electric actuator ROBODEXPulse
(2)Automation of image processing equipment linked with our Visual programming tool for image processing “Facilea”
(3)Automating Digital Forms with the Excel Integration Function

3.Product Features
(1)Two types of software to choose from

Various control Components can be controlled by a PC with a dongle key inserted. A dedicated dongle key is inserted into the PC for use.
* Software that enables on-site program editing.

②ExiaStudio Pro    
This software can be controlled with an executable file called “ExiaRuntime”.
Programs can be executed on a PC for facility control without the need for software or dongle keys. Insert the dedicated dongle key into the PC used to create the control programming, program it, and output the executable file for use.
* Programs can be edited only on ExiaStudio Pro.

(2)PLC-less facility control
Contributes to a reduction in the number of components by eliminating the use of PLCs.
Although PLCs and PCs are increasingly linked in equipment, data collaboration is extremely complicated. Reduces control design hours by performing equipment control with only a PC.

(3)Control panel space reduction
ExiaStudio runs on a Windows OS-based PC. By installing the software on a Windows OS-based touch panel (panel computer), it is possible to significantly reduce the space required by conventional control panels.

(4)Linkage with external systems
Proposals for adding functions to existing equipment and data linkage with host systems can also be easily realized. Extensive are the communication blocks with external components such as TCP communication function, serial communication, and MC protocol, which are necessary for system construction.

4. Main Specifications
・Operating Environment
OS: Windows 10, 11 (64-bit)
CPU: Intel Celeron CPU N3050 1.60 GHz or higher
Required memory: 4 GB or more
Required disk space: 10 GB or more free space

5.Sales Plan
FY2025 42 million yen

6.Release Date
March 31, 2023