What is the press-fitting process?

The press-fitting process is the press fitting process. Press fitting is a method of inserting one part into another to form a secure join using pressure alone. Strong pressing force and accuracy are required in the press-fitting process.
The key points in selecting an actuator for the press-fit process are "pressing force" and "press fitting control".
Air cylinders are suitable for applications that require a strong pressing force because of their high force. Electric actuators can control the force, so the force can be set low at the start of the press-in process and increased during the press-fit process.

Key Points for Selection
"Pressing force" and "Press-fitting control"

An air cylinder is recommended when a strong pressing force is required,
and an electric actuator is recommended when press-fitting control is required.

If pressing force is required Air cylinder

If press-fitting control is required Electric Actuator

Air cylinder is recommended when high pressing force is required

The actuator required for press-fitting should be small and have high pressing force.
Air cylinders are compact, have high pressing force and are also inexpensive. In addition, air cylinders are recommended for actuators used in press-fitting processes, as they are easy to connect to an external guide and can be easily reinforced.

Air cylinders are more compact than electric actuators

The total length will be compact even if the air cylinder is replaced with a guided cylinder.

Electric actuators are necessary when press-fit control is required

With an electric actuator, the press fitting time, speed, and force can be set and press-fitted according to the parts. In addition, since the position detection function enables confirmation of press-fitting errors, it is recommended to use an electric actuator when press-fitting control or data management is required.

Installation is easy with the CKD EBR Series

Mounting holes are provided on the top and bottom surfaces of the product to enable direct installation without disassembly. Installation is easy, especially from the top surface.

Comparison of Air Cylinder and Electric Actuators

Let's compare the cost and performance of actual models of CKD's air cylinders and electric actuators.

Model No. to compare

Comparison conditions

Comparison by Cost

The Electric EBR Series has a long service life, but the Air system has a lower initial cost.

■ Calculation of costs Initial product price, product or parts price at the time of replacement, and electricity cost during operation
Electricity cost during operation: 22 yen per 1kwh.
Air is calculated by converting air consumption into electric power and combining it with the electric power consumption of solenoid valves and cylinder switches.
Labor cost for maintenance is not included.
*Replacement time is calculated based on test data under our specified conditions and is not guaranteed.

Comparison by Actuator Dimensions

Air is more compact.

Comparison by Positioning time

Air SCM-HP1 Series is faster since it only operates between 2 points.

Comparison by CO2 Emissions

CO2 emissions can be reduced even with Air if the number of operations per minute is low.

*CO2 emissions vary depending on the frequency of movements per minute.

■ Calculation of CO2 Emissions [Conditions] Annual operating days: 250 days Operation time: 8 hours/day Air pressure: 0.5MPa (clamp: 0.4MPa, conveying: 0.25MPa)
CO2 emissions converted from annual power consumption (kg-CO2/year) Annual electric power consumption (kWh) × 0.000406* × 1000*
*CO2 emission factor: Ministry of the Environment's publicized emission factors by electric utility, R2 fiscal year results Chubu Electric Power Mirise CO2 emission coefficient *1000:kg conversion
Air is calculated by converting air consumption into electric energy and adding the power consumption of solenoid valves and cylinder switches.

CKD Products

Air operated guided cylinder. Improved metal bearing materials and bearing structure provide high lateral load capacity and stable operation.

This is a guided Electric Actuator inherits the high rigidity of Air components. By using the same body as the Air component, it achieves unprecedented high rigidity. The controller can be connected to the highly functional ECG Series and to the multi-axis controller ECMG Series. A wide range of interfaces enables a wider range of selection.

Contact CKD for product selection

We respond to a wide range of needs, from product proposals to support, based on customer requests.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems in selecting an actuator.

Air and Electric Motion: The Best Mix

We have prepared a demo unit that reproduces five processes, including handling,
so that you can actually see how we propose to use both Air and Electric Motion.