Use in ultra dry air, dry environments, etc.

Rechargeable batteries are manufactured in a dry environment using ultra-dry air. For this reason, the equipment used must have special features such as materials and grease compatible with ultra-low dew point environments. In addition, to protect the quality of rechargeable battery products, strict material restrictions are enforced in the manufacturing process, and inappropriate materials (copper-based materials, etc.) are restricted. Durability is essential to ensure stable long-term operation even under such severe conditions.

Here is the solution

CKD, a manufacturer of winding machines for rechargeable batteries, offers components that can be used for long periods even in harsh manufacturing environments. For air, the "P4-HP Series" is a fusion of the "P4 Series" air rechargeable battery winding machines and the "HP Series" high durability machines that use sliding technology to ensure stable, long-term operation.
As for electric motion, the rechargeable battery compatible electric actuator "EBS-GP4/EBR-GP4 Series" will also contribute to the conversion of production facilities to electric motion.