Simplified Periodic Maintenance

Equipment components can fail suddenly, day or night. Periodic maintenance is necessary to prevent breakdowns, but there are various problems such as inadequate work space and poor workability, large number of devices, and the fact that only certain operators can work on them. By making your component last longer and changing it to one that is easier to maintain, you will be able to work easily and without hassle.

Here is the solution

CKD electric actuators are equipped with a grease supply port on the side of the slider that allows direct lubrication from the exterior.
Since there is no need to disassemble the main unit, it is hassle-free and easy to maintain.
In addition, the HP Series of High-durability air components uses grease compatible with high frequency usage, and proprietary sliding technology enables the components to have high durability and a long service life. Air and Electric Motion components contribute to reduced maintenance load and stable operation of equipment.