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Announcement of the Winning of the “Good Design Award 2019”

October 2, 2019


  Announcement of the Winning of the “Good Design Award 2019” 


CKD Corporation (headquartered in Komaki, Aichi and headed by Kazunori Kajimoto, President) won the “Good Design Award 2019” (sponsored by Japan Institute of Design Promotion) for its “PowerArm PAW Series” “Nitrogen Gas Extraction Unit NS Series” and On-site day-care center “ʻOhana nursery school”.
CKD won the award in the product category for a second year in a row and newly won the award in the business model/method category for its On-site Daycare Center this year.

1. Outline of the Good Design Award
Good Design Award has been a sole comprehensive design evaluation and commendation system in Japan since 1957. To date, the total number of awards has exceeded 47,000 and” G Mark”, the symbol of the award has been recognized widely as a mark representing good design.

2. Outline of Award-winning Works
(1) 1) Title of work:PowerArm PAW Series
2) Outline        :The PowerArm PAW Series uses compressed air as a power source to assist operators by supporting and
transporting heavy loads.
3) Design        :The PAW Series integrates a pneumatic cylinder and frame into a compact product that easily and
compactly folds up for space-saving storage.
The PAW Series is designed to enhance operability by mounting a handle to each joint and to ensure
safety and assurance by preventing the operator from getting caught in the mechanism, holding the
position of the arm in the event of an emergency stop, and so on.

(2) 1) Title of work:Nitrogen Gas Extraction Unit NS Series
2) Outline        :The NS Series integrates a membrane unit that refines nitrogen gas by separating nitrogen from
compressed air through a hollow fiber membrane, and peripheral devices such as an oxygen
concentration monitor, decompression unit, and foreign matter removal unit into a compact product.
3) Design        :The membrane unit is installed in a direction perpendicular to the direction of compressed air flow to
significantly reduce the width between the IN and OUT faces. Modular design enables only the necessary
devices to be selected and connected, in consideration of installation and maintenance.

(3) 1) Title of work:On-site day-care center ʻOhana nursery school
2) Outline        :CKD built a daycare center for the children and grandchildren of its employees, in order to create an
environment that allows employees to work and raise children with less worries.
3) Design        :ʻOhana nursery school adopts a circular design that makes it possible to view children at a glance
whether indoors or on the playground, and takes the safety and assurance of users into consideration via
peripheral infrastructure such as a covered dropoff/pickup zone and security building.
Located just beside the front gate of the Head Office, the design symbolically sends the message that the
promotion of diversity is a theme for society in general.
Architectural design: Nikken Sekkei Ltd