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Announcement of Simultaneous Release of 5 Models of Electric Actuators and 1 Controller Model

May 28, 2019

  Announcement of Simultaneous Release of 5 Models of Electric Actuators and 1 Controller
~ Slider, Rod, Gripper, Table and Rotary ~

CKD Corporation (headquartered in Komaki, Aichi and headed by Kazunori Kajimoto, President) will simultaneously release 5 models of electric actuators equipped with a stepper motor — “Slider type EBS-M, Rod type EBR-M, Gripper type FLSH, Table type FLCR, and Rotary type FGRC (each in 3 sizes, 15 types in total)” — and the “Controller ECR” equipped with an automatic actuator recognition function on May 30, 2019.
Reinforcing its lineup of electric products in addition to simple and convenient pneumatic components will help CKD to make optimum proposals that meet customer requests and, as a total FA supplier, realize requests for further automatization and labor-savings.

1. Background to Development
Electric actuators give users the means to control flexible operations, via multiple stopping points and acceleration/deceleration speed settings. This time, CKD developed 5 models of electric actuators, including gripper and rotary types essential to automatization in addition to slider and rod types, and furthermore a network-compatible controller that allows users to set driving speed, stop position, etc., and conduct operations over a network. Highly-functional automatization such as high-mix production can be achieved by providing motor-operated equipment.

2. Major Applications
(1) Transport and multipoint positioning of workpieces
(2) Press-fitting of small parts, including plastic parts and bearings
(3) Vertical transport, such as lifting, of pallets and workpieces
(4) Transport positioning of mass-produced electronic parts that require high cycle time and high durability

3. Features
(1) Slide type “EBS-M” and Rod type “EBR-M” for transporting workpieces
1) Downsized and high performance
These types achieved both downsizing and high rigidity by integrating a newly adopted outer rail guide into the body. The built-in high-performance “ECR” controller enhances the load capacity by a maximum 160% and the operating rate by 80% compared with conventional models.
2) Equipped with a batteryless absolute encoder
This absolute encoder eliminates the need to replace the battery and retains the current position information. Even if the power supply is cut off, the actuator is not required to return to its home position when the power supply is turned ON. This enables early equipment restoration and additionally does away with the need for a home position sensor.

(2) Gripper type “FLSH,” Table type “FLCR,” and Rotary type “FGRC”
CKD motorized these actuators that were in high demand as pneumatic components. These electric actuators demonstrate the same capabilities as pneumatic components while maintaining sizes equivalent thereto. Moreover, they can support equipment that has been difficult to motorize until now.
1) Gripper type “FLSH” for transporting high-mix workpieces
The “FLSH” series is compatible with our pneumatic components thanks to the same mounting dimensions. Motorizing this series enables the adjustment of gripping force and speed in order to optimize the gripping of workpieces.
2) Table type “FLCR” for transporting and positioning workpieces with short stroke lengths
The “FLCR” series is compatible with our pneumatic components thanks to the same outline and mounting dimensions. Motorizing this series enables speed control and multipoint positioning, and thereby enables support for high-mix production.
3) Rotary type “FGRC” for indexing positions and reversing workpieces in assembly and inspection processes
The “FGRC” series was further downsized from our pneumatic components. Motorizing this series enables the control of acceleration and deceleration speeds, and consequently eliminates the need to install stoppers and shock absorbers, which gives greater freedom to design layouts.

(3) Controller “ECR”
The ECR controller enables different models and sizes of electric actuators to operate in the same system. A number of ECR controllers can be installed side by side to save the space of a control box. Furthermore, the ECR controller eliminates the need to make initial settings for automatically recognizing information on connected actuators. Controllers can be standardized to help reduce the man-hours needed for picking and placing orders, and stocking spare parts.

4. Major Specification
Model: Slide type “EBS-M” and Rod type “EBR-M” Each in 3 sizes
Maximum speed:1100mm/s
Maximum load capacity: 80 kg (horizontal)
Maximum pressing force: 950N
Maximum stroke length:700mm (Rod type), 1100mm (Slider type)
Motor: Stepper motor □35, □42 and □56

Model: Gripper type “FLSH” Available in 3 sizes
Maximum gripping power: 20N, 42N and 65N (each size)
Maximum stroke length: 6mm, 10mm and 14mm (each size)
Motor: Stepper motor □20, □25

Model: Table type “FLCR” Available in 3 sizes
Maximum speed: 300mm/s
Maximum load capacity: 11kg (horizontal)
Maximum pressing force: 210N
Maximum stroke length: 100mm
Motor: Stepper motor □20, □25

Model: Rotary type “FGRC” Available in 3 sizes
Maximum angular speed: 200 (deg./s)
Maximum torque: 4.66 (N・m)
Motor: Stepper motor □20, □25 and □35

Model: Controller “ECR”
Supported network: CC-Link, EtherCAT, IO-Link
Power supply specification: DC24V, DC48V (compatible with both power supplies)
With an automatic actuator recognition function

5. Standard Prices (tax included)
Slide type “EBS-M”     :101,270 yen to 293,330 yen
Rod type “EBR-M”       :111,590 yen to 291,740 yen
Gripper type “FLSH”    :97,780 yen to 134,600 yen
Table type “FLCR”       :125,710 yen to 179,200 yen
Rotary type “FGRC”    :129,370 yen to 204,280 yen
Controller “ECR”         :55,560 yen to 105,550 yen

For example: Slide type “EBS-05ME-100300NA-CS03” 119,050 yen
Body size 05 (Body width:52.5mm), Stroke length 300mm
Motor mounting direction Straight mounting, Without brake,
Maximum load capacity 45kg (horizontal),
Maximum operation speed 700mm/s

6. Sales planning
500 million yen for fiscal 2019
2.5 billion yen for fiscal 2021

7. Release Date    May 30, 2019