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Announcing the release of the Compact Arm CAW Series

October 20, 2023


Announcing the release of the Compact Arm CAW Series

CKD Corporation (Headquarters: Komaki City, Aichi, Japan, President: Katsuhito Okuoka) will release the Compact Arm “CAW Series”, a human-assistive device that reduces the burden of heavy work, on October 23, 2023.

1.Background to Development
Since the launch of the PowerArm PAW Series in 2019, it has been well received by many customers and is used at production sites around the world as an improvement to heavy lifting operations. We have developed a new human-assist device that reduces the burden on the arms and wrists when handling tools weighing 15 kg or less, thereby contributing to improved workability and the prevention of industrial accidents.

2.Major Applications
Reduction of strain on arms and wrists and reaction forces during machining and assembly processes using tools

3.Product Features
(1) Compactness for installation in small spaces
While covering a large work area when in use, it can be folded compactly for storage.

(2) Lightweight operation that can be used by anyone
Equipped with our unique low sliding cylinder, it can be operated freely up, down, left and right with little force. Based on ergonomics, operators of all genders and ages can also handle the machine with ease.

(3) Available in two sizes to match the tool mass.
Low payload model (CAW-L): Ideal for tools weighing up to 5 kg used in assembly on a workbench.
* Including attachment mass
High payload model (CAW-H): Ideal for tools weighing up to 15 kg, such as large impact wrenches and nutrunners.
* Including attachment mass

(4) Installability for mounting on aluminum frames
Mounting is possible on aluminum frames with a mounting width of 60 mm, facilitating installation on existing or new equipment.

4. Main Specifications
Maximum payload
Low payload model (CAW-L): up to 5 kg
High payload model (CAW-H): up to 15 kg
* Including attachment mass

5.Retail Price (tax excluded)
Low payload model (CAW-L): List price 419,360 yen
High payload model (CAW-H): List price 661,300 yen

6.Sales Plan
FY2023: 22 million yen
FY2025: 100 million yen

7.Release Date
October 23, 2023