Analyst Coverage

Analyst Coverage

(as of June 25, 2024)

Company Name Analyst Name
Ichiyoshi Securities Co., Ltd. Itsuhiro Oosawa
SBI SECURITIES Co., Ltd. Yoshihiro Ujihara
Goldman Sachs Japan Co., Ltd. Yuichiro Isayama
Jefferies Japan Ltd. Sho Fukuhara
Daiwa Securities Co., Ltd. Hirosuke Tai
Tokai Tokyo Research Center Co., Ltd. Mitsuyuki Oodaira
Nomura Securities Co.,Ltd. Boqiong Wang
BofA Securities Japan Co., Ltd. Kenjin Hotta
Marusan Securities Co., Ltd. Shigekazu Ishida
Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd. Tatsuhiko Ito
Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities Co., Ltd. Lisa Jiang

List of analysts from securities companies and other corporations or research institutions who provide recommendations, reviews, etc. of CKD’s business performance and other aspects.


  • This list is based on information that CKD has been able to obtain at the time of publication. It is a list of analysts who have been confirmed as publishing reports about CKD. Therefore, please be aware that there may be other analysists who do not appear in this list and that not all information may be up to date.
  • This list is published solely for the purpose of providing information to investors about analysts from companies or research institutions who have produced analyses or predictions of CKD’s business performance. It is not intended to solicit the sale or purchase of CKD shares. Further, CKD does not support the predictions, opinions, or recommendations made by these analysts and gives no guarantees of the integrity of their information.
  • Analysts, both those who do and do not appear in this list, analyze the business performance, business operations, products, technologies, and other aspects of CKD and make predictions either periodically or occasionally based on their own judgments. Neither CKD nor its management team have any involvement whatsoever in any part of that process.
  • When making the decision to invest, please do so at your own judgement and responsibility.
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