Requests for Business Partners

To Our Business Partners

CKD has 7 domestic and 5 overseas production plants, has business relationships with approximately 1,400 companies worldwide* (breakdown: approximately 1,100 companies in Japan, approximately 300 companies overseas). We believe that all of our suppliers are important partners, and we will continue to deepen our communication and build a global supply chain. As a global company, cooperation from our suppliers is essential to promote procurement activities aimed at realizing a sustainable society. We ask for your cooperation in the activities of the following items, not only complying with laws and regulations, but also considering the environment, quality and technical capabilities. * There is an overlap between regions.

1.Sound Business Management

In order to build a relationship of trust and continue mutual development, please promote sound and fair business management.
In addition, we ask that you properly disclose information about your management policy and status.

2.Observance of Laws and Social Norms

We ask that you comply with the relevant laws and regulations and social norms in all countries and regions where you conduct business activities.
 (1)Establishing fair and equitable relationships with all stakeholders, including all companies and individuals, and act with integrity.
 (2)Strictly manage and protect confidential information obtained through transactions with CKD and other companies, as well as personal information of business   partners and employees, and thoroughly prevent information leaks.
 (3)Protection of our own intellectual property, respect for intellectual property of third parties, prevention of unauthorized use and infringement.

3.Consideration for the Environment

We ask our suppliers to promote business activities that take into consideration the "preservation of the global environment" and the "creation of a sustainable society", which are important issues common for all humankind.
We may request our suppliers to undertake environmental conservation efforts based on "the CKD Green Procurement Guide".

4. Improvement of Human Rights and the Working Environment

We ask suppliers to respect the fundamental human rights in employment and labor, and to realize a safe and comfortable working environment.
 (1)Do not engage in unfair discrimination, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, political affiliation, age, gender, disability, marriage, sexual orientation,
  or any other status.
 (2)Do not tolerate or be complicit in human rights violations such as forced, slave, child and unjust low-wage labor
 (3)Employees shall comply with the laws and regulations of each country and region with respect to working hours, holidays and paid leave entitlement, wages, etc.

5.Stable Supply of Materials and Optimal Quality

In order to stably provide products that satisfy our customers, we ask that you comply with delivery dates and provide materials suitable for quality, promote market-competitive prices, and identify and address risks for the purpose of business continuity.                 
In addition, if there are any changes to the materials, please provide information promptly and apply for changes in accordance with our standards.

6.Improvement of Technical Capabilities and Technical Proposals

In order to continue to meet the needs of our customers, we ask that you always strive to develop technologies, actively propose products with new technologies and technologies that can improve production methods.

7.Development of the Management System

We request that you obtain ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environment) certification or a management system equivalent thereto.

8. Confirming the Status of Initiatives

We may ask for information from suppliers in order to ascertain the status of their quality, environmental and other initiatives.                   
If necessary, we may also ask to visit your offices to conduct audits or investigation.

9.Handling of Conflict Minerals

Please support our efforts to eliminate conflict minerals (*) from products and cooperate with our investigation request. Please also make efforts to avoid the use of conflict minerals.In the event that the use of conflict minerals is a concern as a result of the investigation, we will implement measures to prevent the use of the relevant parts, raw materials, etc.                 
* Tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold from the Congo and its neighboring countries are the source of funding for armed groups, and are called "conflict minerals."

Communication Activities with Business Partners

We regularly hold events such as production trends, purchase policy briefings, quality briefings, exhibitions, and technical exchanges ​ with our business partners.             
We deepen communication with our suppliers and promote integrated procurement activities.

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