Green Procurement

Green Procurement

For many years, the Company has been voluntarily engaged in environmental conservation activities. However, the environmental problems facing the Earth today cannot be solved by just one company's activities. Therefore, in addition to the conventional "quality, price, and delivery time", the purchasing division will carry out green procurement activities that take into consideration the environment from the procurement stage in order to protect the global environment and fulfill social responsibility together based on the basic sustainability policy.

The cooperation of not only the Company but also our business partners is essential for these efforts. We ask for your understanding and cooperation in formulating our basic approach to green procurement as follows.

Our Fundamental Concepts of Green Procurement

1.Regulatory Compliance and Chemical Substance Management

Prohibited substances regulated by laws and regulations must not be included not only in the use by suppliers, but also in materials, parts, products, etc.In addition, with regard to the environmentally sensitive chemical substances stipulated by the Company, we ask that you cooperate with us in providing information, reducing the content, prohibiting use, replacing, etc., of the content.

2.Promotion of Environmental Conservation Activities

Please obtain ISO14001 certification or develop an environment management system equivalent to this.We also ask that we reduce our energy consumption and CO2 emissions (direct and indirect emissions) to prevent global warming.We will give priority to procurement from suppliers who actively promote environmental conservation.

3.Resource-saving and Recycling

The parts to be delivered and the raw materials used in the products and packaging should be as easy to recycle as possible.Also, pay attention to reusable structures and to weight reduction and downsizing of parts.Water is also an important resource. Manage your water usage and implement initiatives to conserve water.

4.Waste Management and Reduction

Please take appropriate steps to process the waste discarded from production lines, and contribute to the reuse and reduction of waste as much as possible. In addition, please contribute to the improvement of yield rate. We will provide all possible assistance on using reusable materials as raw materials.

5.Providing Environmental Information

We will request the provision of information on the chemical substance content and environmental information on the products and production activities, and ask for active cooperation.From the perspective of sustainability, we ask that you promote procurement activities that are environmentally friendly.

Questionnaire on green procurement and environmental initiatives

Investigation on the content of environmentally sensitive chemical substances established by CKD and non-content certification

6.Occupational Health and Safety

Please minimize the potential risk of industrial accidents and proactively create a comfortable working environment.

Our Fundamental Concepts of Green Procurement

Green Procurement Guidelines Version 4 (147KB)

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