Purpose・Values・Brand Slogan

The CKD Group established its Purpose and Brand Slogan in April 2023 and Values in October 2023.

The Purpose defines the significance of the CKD Group's existence and the direction it aims for.

There are five "Values" that each and every CKD Group employee should cherish
in order to realize the Purpose.

The Brand Slogan encompasses our Purpose and Values and articulates our thoughts and actions for the future.


We will continue to explore and
co-create automation technologies
to cultivate a healthy global environment
and a prosperous future.



Brand Slogan

Creating Solutions Together

Standards of Conduct

The Standards of Conduct stipulates specific matters that all employees should adhere to and practice based on our Principles.

  1. 1.Awareness of social responsibility

    We will:

    1. value interactions with all parties interested, and contribute to society by fulfilling the corporate responsibility through business activities.
    2. act as good corporate citizens, respect each other the differences in cultures and customs among the international and local societies, and contribute to their growth.
    3. have no business relation to antisocial influences, and refuse all inappropriate enticements and threats.
    4. respect all human rights, and not discriminate by nationality, race, religious beliefs, gender, age or social standing.
  2. 2.Sincere and fair conduct

    We will:

    1. interact with all parties interested in good faith.
    2. choose suppliers with a fair and objective judgment, and conduct business for mutual interests.
    3. exercise good business judgment not to be inappropriate under normal social conventions in case of giving or receiving, including, but not limited to, business entertaining and/or gifts.
    4. respond complaints and requests from business connections and local residents in good faith, and improve upon the causes as soon as the claim is confirmed.
    5. not avail ourselves of our positions in the Company such as a director or an employee for any specific ideology or religion.
  3. 3.Observation of the law

    We will:

    1. comply in full with all applicable laws and regulations related to business activities.
    2. make sure to investigate on prior arts when we develop new technology and/or new products, and rightfully acquire prior written consent of the legal right holder when using a third partyʹs intellectual property.
    3. not pursue one’s own benefit or that of any other individual(s) or organization(s) by abusing or misusing the Company’s asset(s) or impairing the Company’s interest.
    4. abide by appropriate accounting and other financial management practices complying in full with all applicable laws and regulations related to accounting and taxations for, including, but not limited to, the transactions between and/or among all CKD companies.
    5. conduct fair business activities complying in full with the antitrust/antimonopoly law and all applicable laws and regulations not to obstruct fair and free trade.
    6. abide by fair business practices with purchasing sources (including subcontractors) in terms of, including, but not limited to, payment, returns and/or discounts.
    7. not seek to receive unfair profits from public officials through, including, but not limited to, gift giving and/or entertainment, as well refrain from behaviors which could be suspected or criticized by the public.
    8. comply in full with all applicable laws and regulations related to labor, and endeavour to sustain and improve working conditions, and ensure a safe, healthy and comfortable working environment.
    9. abide by appropriate procedures, including, but not limited to, acquire a prior consent of the individual identified by such personal information when such personal information collected through work is to be disclosed to a third party or to be used for the purpose(s) other than consented.
    10. exercise adequate care for the timing in trading shares of the Company and/or business connections to not be a party to any insider trading as well not disclosing, or otherwise divulging nonpublic information of the Company as well as our affiliates and/or business connections to any unauthorized individual(s).
    11. comply in full with all applicable laws and regulations related to export control, and conduct appropriate management when we export the goods or provide technology with any nonresident.
  4. 4.Disclosure of information

    We will:

    1. release accurate Company information at an appropriate and adequate timing to gain the trust of all parties interested.
    2. accurately report the Company’s business details, performance and financial report to the shareholders and investors, and positively conduct Investor Relations.
    3. appropriately report to government administration offices complying in full with all applicable laws, regulations and ordinances.
    4. provide information on the Company’s initiatives and business activities as necessary to maintain a favorable relationship with local residents.
    5. sent out necessary information to officers, directors, employees, associates and members through, including, but not limited to, notices, intranet and/or in‐house publications.
    6. release information on the Company’s policy and initiatives to our business connections as necessary to help good and smooth activities.
  5. 5.Environmental preservation

    We will:

    1. endeavour to prevent environmental pollution recognizing that environmental preservation is an important mission.
    2. develop and supply less environmental load products to our customers.
    3. reduce environmental pollutants , wastes, and CO2 emissions.
    4. endeavour resource preservation and recycling, and propel energy and resource saving.
  6. 6.Customer orientation

    We will:

    1. supply products and services with high quality and safety in a timely manner at an appropriate price.
    2. always listen to the customers, thoroughly study specified application and usage or intended one, if known, and offer optimum products for that application.
    3. supply the product information, including, but not limited to, quality labeling accurately so that customers can rationally select products and services.
    4. explain the reasons to the customer and decline with the customer’s consent when such customerʹs requests cannot be met.
    5. act promptly to resolve any problem with product if it occurs, and implement without fail the measures to prevent recurrence.
  7. 7.Challenging technical development

    We will:

    1. constantly adapt to the world trend, new technologies and element technologies, develop technologies and products, and build business for the future.
    2. strive to research and develop future‐leading technologies with ideas not constrained by conventional technologies.
    3. not be satisfied with quality and productivity of the status quo, and constantly strive to develop production engineering capabilities.
    4. accumulate and apply intellectual property assets to increase the power of product.
    5. respect voice of customers and endeavour to resolve the technical challenges for product improvements and developments.
  8. 8.Enhancing the human resources

    We will:

    1. think of the future, lay importance on the job satisfaction, and actively engaged at work with pride and willingness.
    2. respect differences in characters and develop a safe and comfortable working environment where, ones’ abilities are sufficiently utilized.
    3. endeavour for self‐development, and educate subordinates and junior employees to be successors.
    4. ensure a working environment with no harassment of any kind.
  9. 9.Appropriate execution and reformation of business

    We will:

    1. constantly endeavour optimization and rationalization of business.
    2. promptly and accurately practice the records and/or reports including accounting processing based on true facts.
    3. appropriately control and use Company assets, funds, and/or information, and the like for business purposes only, and not to be removed from the Company without the Company approval.
    4. exercise adequate care for confidential information (including, but not limited to, customer information, technical information, and/or personal information) of the Company and/or business connections not to be improperly disclosed in or out of the Company. This obligation shall survive even after leaving the Company.
  10. 10.Exertion of organizational strength

    We will:

    1. clearly identify the roles of departments and hierarchy, and endeavour to build an organization flexible on any matters.
    2. share visions and targets of the organization, and value teamwork and act.
    3. convey necessary and accurate information with speed, and make decision in a timely manner.
    4. endeavour to build a work place with a superior to order, explain and assist, and a subordinate to report, communicate and consult, as well as inter‐departmental cooperation are truly implemented.
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