Specific Use<High durability components HP series>

High-durability Components HP Series that contribute to "Production equipment that never stops" and "Stable operation".

Lower productivity results in loss and parts that require maintenance become waste. CKD believes that eliminating maintenance and achieving high productivity is the key to becoming carbon neutral.
The HP Series contributes to "Production equipment that never stops" and "Stable operation" with long service life products to improve productivity in processes under high frequency and stress.

Long service life 4 times or more than conventional models is realized

4x or more previous models

The long-life cylinder has achieved a long service life with the same dimensions as conventional products by optimizing the packing design, seal function and adopting grease compatible with high frequency.
The environment-resistant cylinder is equipped with a heavy-duty scraper and lube keeping structure to prevent intrusion of dust and to maintain lubrication, and greatly improves durability in dusty environments.

Actuators that contribute to stable operation of plant facilities

Hand / chuck has realized high rigidity, /, high accuracy, and high durability of / by improving the rigidity of the guide and reviewing the sliding part.
The length measuring hand can simultaneously be grasped and measured with the LVDT sensor, monitoring output changes and predicting maintenance periods.
For the air booster, the cylinder section has been optimized in the design of the packing section to achieve more than twice the durability of conventional models.

Achieves stable operation

The long-life cylinder has an optimized structure of sliding parts that prevents the starting pressure from rising even after repeated operations. As the starting pressure is constant, the operating time is also constant, contributing to stable operation without unexplained stoppages.

Blue: Standard cylinder, Red: Long service life cylinder
Change in starting pressure
Change in tact time