Specific Use<P4 * series for Rechargeable battery manufacturing process>

The P4 Series contributes to all the needs of rechargeable batteries and next-generation battery manufacturing processes

We consistently meet the needs of rechargeable battery manufacturing from production stability of the evolving rechargeable battery and next-generation battery manufacturing processes to electrode production and packaging.

Restricted materials for mechanical parts

Material restrictions

The use of surface treatment and materials such as copper, zinc, nickel-based, zinc plating and electrolytic nickel plating, which are inappropriate in the rechargeable battery manufacturing process are restricted, resulting in reduced defects in rechargeable battery products.

  • Limited copper material
  • Limited zinc material
  • Limited nickel-based material
  • Limited zinc plating
  • Limited electrolytic nickel plating

Long life even in -70°C dew point environment

Dry environment

Models are available for ultra-low dew point environments of -70°C.
Ultra-low dew point environment compatible grease is used to maintain lubrication of the sliding parts for long periods, even in dry environments.

Suppresses generation of metal wear powders

Fights dust and its generation

Equipped with a local exhaust function (vacuum treatment port) to prevent metal wear dust from leaking outside and mixing with electrodes and cells.

Contributes to a system that never stops

Stable operation

Grease compatible with ultra-low dew point environments is used, which does not change the tact time.