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Lithium-ion battery winding machine

CEW-100Lithium-ion battery winding machine

Lithium-ion battery winding machine

Pursuit completely of high accurate winding and foreign matter prevention

High accurate winding is achieved by the compact edge control unit located before winding position.
Also countermeasures against foreign matter are conducted for each of complete parts.

Outstanding Feature

Thorough dust control and contamination prevention
By applying Zone Block Method, pathway to the winding position of each materials are divided completely constituting each zone, and air flow control in each zone prevents dust being mixed into the jelly roll.

Winding in high accuracy
Application of high speed and highly accurate edge control unit can remarkably reduce alignment errors.

High speed winding
Winding speed 1000mm/sec.
※ Machine tact time varies depending on the electrode length to be wound, mandrel size, and tension to be applied.

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