Specific Use<FP * series for food manufacturing processes>

FP Series contributes to food production lines for safe and reliable manufacturing

We offer a wide range of products from air filters to actuators that can be used safely and reliably in food manufacturing processes.
We also eliminate concerns over contamination of the flow path and sliding parts and over material quality. Lubricants, materials and shapes can be selected according to the customer's needs. Contributes to the acquisition of HACCP and FSSC22000 certification.

Eliminates concerns over contamination

Food-grade (NSF H1) lubricants are used for flow paths and sliding parts to prevent contamination from lubricants.

Contributes to plant-wide safety and peace of mind

We provide total support for food production based on our comprehensive engineering capabilities in packaging machinery, pneumatics, fluid control, and electric motion products.

What CKD offers Safety & Security: Lubricants, Shape, Environment, Structure, Material