Specific Use<Outdoor WP series>

Outdoor WP Series that can be used safely even in harsh environments for outdoor equipment

Weather-Resistant and Durable WP Series for outdoor equipment and plant facilities.
Resistant to rust, dust, and moisture, and it can be used safely even in harsh environments.

Proven durability for outdoor use

Durability has been proven in a combined cycle test, accelerated durability (sunshine weather meter test) and ozone exposure test.
We also have a lineup of products that can withstand a minimum ambient temperature of -20°C.

  • Accelerated weather resistance test / 3 Years equivalent
  • Combined cycle test / 7 Years equivalent
  • Ozone exposure test / 400 Hours

Adoption of weather-resistant parts

Stainless steel screws and all-metal covers and gauge plugs are used to prevent rust.
Pneumatic valves and fluid control valves are IP65 rated for rustproofing and waterproofing.
Tempered glass is used for the lenses of pressure gauges and F.R.L. units.

  • Rust proof: Stainless steel screws used, Dust-proof/waterproof: IP65, Packing seal/lubricant: Materials that match temperature characteristics
  • All-metal: Weather resistance improved for general-purpose items such as covers and gauge plugs, Lens: Tempered glass specifications
  • Corrosion resistance: The rod material Stainless steel/Piston rod material Stainless steel, cryogenic countermeasure: Packing and grease change, can be used even at −20℃, Environment conditions: Scraper integrated