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Dental unit

Dental unit

Medical devices include instruments and equipment necessary for dental care.
Three-way syringe and air turbine in dental practice; Vacuum is essential.

In CKD, these dental units We offer a variety of products to contribute to the relevant component.

Compatible products

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Device process Selection point / Request specifications Proposed models
Space saving Large flow rate Corrosion resistance Proportional control Resistant to foreign matter
Controlling Water Sources in General AB AB WR WR A1019 A1019
Water supply to a therapeutic instrument USB USB HNB1 HNB1
General air source control AB AB R1000 R1000 F1000 F1000
Supply of air to a therapeutic instrument 3M 3M 3QE 3QE A2-6500 A2-6500
Waste liquids ADK ADK MXB1 MXB1