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Dialysis monitor device

Dialysis monitor device

It is a medical device that removes waste from the patient's blood and then returns the purified blood to the body.

CKD offers high corrosion-resistant fluid control components for the purpose of controlling RO water, dialysis fluid, and cleaning fluid.
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Device process Selection point / Request specifications Proposed models
Pressure adjustment Large flow rate Resistant to back pressure Silent Corrosion resistance Manifold Gas control Compact
RO water supply PYM PYM PMM PMM
Dialysis solution control MJB3 MJB3
Dialysis fluid control MJB3(Manifold) MJB3(Manifold)
Cleaning fluid control MYG1 MYG1 MR10R MR10R MR16 MR16
Fluid level control of the blood chamber MR10R MR10R 3QE 3QE