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Air filter

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New Series using 5μm elements for dust removal, and 0.3μm elements for tar removal.

  • Dental equipment

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[Long service life element]
This element incorporates CKD’s original chemical fiber structure (patent pending), which has a rough surface and gradually becomes finer toward the interior.
Clogging is greatly reduced, and the element life is greatly extended, free of concerns regarding rust.

[Standard (5 μm) element ”Blank”]
This long-life element filters out harmful dirt and foreign matter, etc., from air.

[Submicron (0.3 μm) element ”Y” option]
This dedicated element effectively separates tar and carbon. (Non-regenerable)

[F.R.L. combination]
Systems can be easily upgraded using unified key boundary dimensions and a diverse range of options and variations.

Model No. Product name Port size (Rc, NPT, G)Filtration (μm) Remarks
F1000Air filter1/8, 1/45
F2000Air filter1/4, 3/85
F3000Air filter1/4, 3/85, 0.3
F4000Air filter1/4, 3/8, 1/25, 0.3
F6000Air filter3/4, 15, 0.3
F8000Air filter3/4, 15, 0.3

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