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Compact, pressure gauge embedded. The pressure can be adjusted without tools.


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[Pressure adjustment without tools]
Pressure adjustments can be made with one hand and locking performed with one push. Manual knob operation is easy when setting pressure as well.

[Easily handles panel mounting as well]
When the panel mounting nut is loosened, the nut acts as a jack and enables the knob to be removed easily. Fix the nut to mount in the panel. The L type bracket is also installed similarly to the nut.

[F.R.L. combination]
Systems can be easily upgraded using unified key boundary dimensions and a diverse range of options and variations.

Model No. Product name Port size (Rc, NPT, G)Max. working pressure (MPa)Set pressure (MPa) Remarks
R1000Regulator1/8, 1/41.00.05 to 0.85
R2000Regulator1/4, 3/81.00.05 to 0.85
R3000Regulator1/4, 3/81.00.05 to 0.85
R4000Regulator1/4, 3/8, 1/21.00.05 to 0.85
R6000Regulator3/4, 11.00.05 to 0.85
R8000Regulator3/4, 11.00.05 to 0.85
R1100Reverse regulator1/8, 1/41.00.05 to 0.85
R2100Reverse regulator1/4, 3/81.00.05 to 0.85
R3100Reverse regulator1/4, 3/81.00.05 to 0.85
R4100Reverse regulator1/4, 3/8, 1/21.00.05 to 0.85
R6100Reverse regulator3/4, 11.00.05 to 0.85
R8100Reverse regulator3/4, 11.00.05 to 0.85

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