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Direct acting 3-port solenoid valves

Small pneumatic valve

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Super compact direct acting poppet valve with a width of 10 mm which supports miniaturization of devices. Single unit and manifold are available.
[Cylinder bore size: φ6 to φ16]


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Width 10 mm compact design allows further downsizing of equipment for assembly.

[Low wattage design (1 W)]
Direct connection to electronics control is possible.

[High response]
Realizes high performance and high precision control, and supports a wide variety of fields.

Model No. Product name Piping port positionPort size Remarks
3MA0Single valveBody pipingφ4 barbed fitting, M3
3MB0Single valveSub-plate pipingM3
M3MA0Individual wiring manifoldBody pipingφ4 barbed fitting, M5
M3MB0Individual wiring manifoldSub-plate pipingφ4, φ6 barbed fitting, M3, M5, push-in fitting φ4

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