Fine System Components

The History of
Fine System's Technological Passion

We'll show you the history of CKD, which has been long trusted by
cutting-edge equipment manufacturers of semiconductors and other equipment manufacturers.

History of Wet Fine Products
Wet Fine Components for controlling chemicals have the longest history among CKD's product lineups for the semiconductor front-end process. As one of the CKD's fluid control valve lineups, a solenoid valve for chemical fluids was developed in the 1970s. Later, in 1983, the Air Operated Valve (EMB/AMB Series) was released, on which the solenoid valve was not mounted to suit processes that disliked ignition. The EMB/AMB Series used bellows for the seal, but in 1985, in response to market demand for more durable valves, the Air Operated Valve AMD Series which adopted a diaphragm sealing method was released. The AMD Series became CKD's major product line.

In 1987, in order to ensure the sealability of the component connection, one of the important elements of the chemical process of semiconductors, CKD released the first valve model which was integrated with a high-sealable fitting. In addition, we developed a new series of products, such as those with an expanded fluid temperature and pressure ranges to meet the demands of our growing customers. Even today, as the semiconductor process advances, the precision and cleanliness required for the chemical handling components are becoming increasingly strict, and the product development has been repeated to meet the customer's needs, gaining the support of many customers.

For diaphragms, one of the core components, CKD consistently conducts procuring materials to molding and to stabilize product quality. It also provides high cleanliness in both design and production and is keeping up with the evolving refinements of the semiconductor circuits. These high quality products have been highly evaluated and many of them have been adopted by world-class semiconductor equipment and facility makers.
History of Dry-Fine Products
With respect to the Dry Fine Components used for process gas control, demand has been rapidly increasing in recent years especially due to the layering of semiconductors chips. CKD released the first Integrated Gas Supply System (the IAGD1 Series) in the industry in 1992.

Now, integrated gas supply systems are widely used in advanced semiconductor processes. To meet the growing sophistication of semiconductor deposition machines & etching machines and to reduce their footprint, we have made efforts to quickly develop compact components. By combining these integration technologies and CKD's broad range of gas control components, the Clean Panel (FSP Series) was also released. It is highly used by many customers for N2 purge purposes.

By utilizing our unique manufacturing method of the diaphragm, one of the core parts of the valve, and utilizing the know-how of pneumatic cylinder technology, CKD developed the ALD valve which achieves high durability. These products support the evolving semiconductor deposition processes.
History of Vacuum Products
This product category began by applying the vacuum control solenoid valve, which was used for general industry, to the air operated valves required for the semiconductor vacuum process. In addition to the piston type, a bellows type product was released to accommodate the increase in the vacuum level and clean level in the semiconductor vacuum process.

In order to reduce the weight of the entire equipment, CKD has reviewed materials and structures of vacuum valves and developed it as a core products by improving the durability of bellows. To meet the need for advanced vacuum pressure control, such as slow exhaust control, CKD developed a proprietary Vacuum Pressure Proportional Control System (VEC) by applying our own air pressure control technology. It is now an integral item of semiconductor processes around the world.

This technology has been applied to release a more General-Purpose Vacuum Pressure Control System (IAVB Release) and is available to a number of customers not only from the semiconductor industry who require vacuum processes.