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Solder paste inspection machine

VP9000Solder paste inspection machine


User-friendly GUI
Information is easily accessible and operations are intuitive.

Multiple Resolution Switch
The VP9000 can inspect a wide range of pads with only a reliance on one machine.

Adjustable Touch Screen
A large touch screen that comes equip with an angle adjustment function can accommodate everyone.

Smart SMT Style

Solder paste inspection machines (SPI) can analyze and optimize printing conditions

The inspection speed is much faster to meet requirements of high speed of production lines.

- Future with Flexible Inspection -

         ♦ User-friendly GUI            ♦ Multiple Resolution Switch     ♦ Adjustable Touch Screen
    -Settings Dashboard                      -Standard Resolution      -Adjustment Feature
    -Visualization of Solder Paste Shift   -High Resolution            -Improved Operability
    -Visualization of Operational Status  -Super High Resolution

    -Foreign Material Inspection                  -Glue Inspection (Optional)
    Foreign materials can be effortlessly                  Precise amounts of dispensed glue
    detected while inspecting solder paste                can be measured,n 3D for judgement

    -PCB Warp Distribution Display          -Upgraded Manual Verification Function
    Warpage amounts can be measured,                  Operators have the option to reconsider
    visualized and saved for future reference.           the reasons for defective judgements

Swift Creation of Inspection Program

  • Inspection program can be created from Gerber data in a minimum of 3 minutes.
  • Part information is easily registered by using mount data and optional software.

Standard specifications

  VP9000(Standard) VP9000(High-Speed)
Inspection Method Phase Shift Method
PCB Size (M)50mm X 50mm to 330mm X 250mm
(L)50mm X 50mm to 510mm X 460mm
PCB Thickness 0.3 to 5.0mm
Projection Dual Projectors Single Projector
Inspection Resolution [ Standard / High / Super-High ]
(1)[25 µ m/12.5 µ m/8.5 µ m], (2)[20 µ m/10 µ m/5 µ m], (3)[15 µ m/7.5 µ m/5 µ m]
______________   __(1)__   __(2)__   __(3)__
   Standard : 8,900    5,700    3,200
   High :       5,600    3,500   1,900
  SuperHigh : 1,900   1,200      650
______________   __(1)__   __(2)__   __(3)__
   Standard : 9,400    6,000    3,300
   High :       6,000    3,700   2,000
  SuperHigh : 2,000   1,300      700
Within 2% Within 3%
PCB Warping
(M)724 X 970 X 1,500mm
(L)904 X 1,180 X 1,600mm
Power Supply Single Phase AC200-230V 50-60Hz MAX 1 KVA
Not Required
Weight (M) 460kg
(L) 550kg
UPS Standard Equipment (only PC)
Optional Data Station (connect up to 6 sets of machines), Transformer,
1D & 2D Code Reading, Glue Inspection, ePM-SPI Software,
Loading Conveyor, Unloading Conveyor, Mount Data Conversion Software,
Keyboard Tray, CE Compliance (Large machines only),
Ultrafine Resolution (10, 8, 5μm), Feedback/Feedforward

*1 When CKD sample board is used


*When height of pass line is 900mm
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