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Solder paste inspection machine

VP6000-V/VP5200L-V-CSolder paste inspection machine

VP-V series has achieved higher speed to realize corresponding high speed product line.

In-line type SPI with high speed, high precision and simple operation that was largely improved from former one.

High speed inspection

The inspection speed is much faster to meet requirements of high speed of production lines.

High accuracy and repeatability support inspection of fine pads

  • High repetition precision

Repeatability of height inspection: within 1um at 3 σ(height standard jig)
Repeatability of volume inspection: within 2% at 3 σ(CKD's sample PCB)

High accuracy and repeatability support inspection of fine pads High accuracy and repeatability support inspection of fine pads
QFP solder shape(Microscope) QFP solder shape(Shape display VP6000-V)
  • Inspection Resolution Switch Function
    VP6000-V and VP5200-V are able to inspect PCB in the resolution that is most suitable for every part.
  Ex. 0603 Pad inspection
Minute pad inspection Minute pad inspection
Standard Inspection(25μm) High Resolution Inspection(12.5μm)
*image picture

Simple inspection program creation procedure

- It takes only 3 minutes to complete Inspection Program from loading Gerber Data.
- Inspection Program without Gerber Data can be created with scanning printed PCB.
-Optional mount data conversion function can make parts registration easily.

Simple inspection program creation procedure

Simple operation - complete touch panel operation method

- Pursuing Simple Operation, full touch panel is adopted, instead of operation buttons and switched. Complete one touch operation can be achieved from setting specifications to checking inspection results.
- Each menu is tab selecting type with simple menu, which anyone can operate easily.
- Setting log-in ID can make operating administrations.

Standard specifications

  VP6000L-V-C VP5200L-V-C
Inspection method Phase shift method
Projection Twin Projector Single Projector
PCB size (L)50mm×50mm ∼ 510mm×460mm
PCB thickness 0.3 ∼ 5.0mm
Resolution 25μm(12.5μm), 20μm(10μm), 15μm(7.5μm)
(at the time of a high resolution measurement)
Accuracy Volume
Within 2% Within 3%
Speed(mm2/sec) Standard / (High Resolution)
25μm 8,900 / (12.5μm 5,600 )
20μm 5,700 / (10.0μm 3,500 )
15μm 3,200 / ( 7.5μm 1,900 )
Standard / (High Resolution)
25μm 9,400 / (12.5μm 6,000 )
20μm 6,000 / (10.0μm 3,700 )
15μm 3,300 / ( 7.5μm 2,000 )
Warp in PCB ±5mm
Inspection items Average Height, Volume, Projection, Dimness,
Area, No Solder, Position Deviation and Bridge
Dimension (L)904×1,080×1,450mm
PCB flow direction From left to right (selected during determination of specifications)
PCB positioning datum Front or Rear side of machine
(selected during determination of specifications)
Fluid Not required
Power supply and capacity Single-phase 200 to 230VAC  50/60Hz, Max 1KVA
Weight (L) 560kg
Environmental considerations RoHS
Option Data Station, VPDS Up to 6 units can be connected /  Loading Conveyor
/ Unloading Conveyor / Transformer / Barcode Reading Function
/ Mount Data Conversion Software / Glue Inspection / Foreign Material Inspection /  Advice Function

*1 When CKD sample board is used


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