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Introducing CKD's activities under the theme of "CKD, a company that stands with society".


Building bridges for "co-creation" and expanding the possibilities of technology

The showroom at the head office was opened as a place for transmitting "co-creation" on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of CKD's founding. In recent years, we've welcomed a diverse array of clients from both within the country and abroad. Our interactions have extended beyond mere business discussions, fostering a lively exchange of ideas and technical expertise. In this context, we've recognized the importance of showcasing our latest information and products, and the necessity of introducing CKD, to others. We aim to make our showroom a birthplace for new innovation, offering easily understandable information and promoting interactive communication.

Sales Promotion Department, Components Sales Management Division, Components Business Division Miyu Goto

Automatic Machinery

A development environment 
that responds to changes 
in the times and moves toward 
technological innovation

To realize a sustainable society, Automatic Machinery and Inspection Systems with low environmental impact, safety, and high productivity are required. Furthermore, customer interest and requests are directed towards the manufacturing process of products, such as the chemicals used and the amount of waste generated. We are focusing more than ever on developing and improving our development environment so that we can pursue the sustainability of the entire manufacturing process from the design stage.

Administration Department, Automatic Machinery Business Division Naomi Hosoi

Winding machine for lithium-ion batteries

Global demand for automotive
lithium-ion batteries surges

Demand for lithium-ion batteries is expected to grow in line with the global trend toward electrification of vehicles, including the European Union's (EU) 2035 ban on new gasoline-powered vehicles. CKD's lithium-ion battery winding equipment plays an important role in the production process. The production capacity, which is five times that of conventional equipment, has been achieved through repeated improvements, and supports the evolution of next-generation automobiles.

Sales Department, Production Machinery Business Division, Automatic Machinery Business Division Takeshi Yanagishima

Proportional Vacuum Pressure Control System

Toward further developing cutting-edge technology industries

The semiconductor industry is experiencing the most dramatic technological evolution of any industry. As the miniaturization of manufacturing processes requires higher precision in equipment and parts, CKD's Vacuum pressure proportional control system "VEC" supports the development of cutting-edge technology industries as a component product that meets the industry's top-class accuracy requirements.

Tech Center, Taiwan Xi Kai Li Co. Floyd Chang

[Products with Reduced Environmental Impact]
Highly durable components HP Series / Nitrogen gas purification unit NS Series

Helping to reduce environmental impact with "long-life components"

CKD's environmental load reduction products received the Gold Award in the "2021 Aichi Environmental Awards" for their significant contribution to the formation of a recycling-oriented society and towards the realization of a decarbonized society. By proposing products that focus on solving social issues such as environmental problems and SDGs, CKD contributes to society at large through its customers' manufacturing activities.

Sales Promotion Department, Components Sales Division, Components Business Division Ryuichiro Shima

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