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On April 2, 2023, the CKD Group established the brand slogan "Creating Solutions Together" which strongly expresses our thoughts and actions for the future. This slogan expresses our desire to work together with our customers, business partners, and CKD employees to explore and co-create automation technologies with creativity and innovation, to solve environmental and social issues, and to create a prosperous future.


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Here are some of our activities around the world.


Company History

We would like to introduce the history of development of our two core businesses, "Automatic Machinery" and "Component Products" in the 80 years since our establishment.

1943- Founding and Automatic Machinery
1943- Founding and Automatic Machinery


April 2: Established as "Japan Aviation Electric Co., Ltd".

The company was founded in what is now Meieki Minami 2-chome, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya City. Five prominent companies invested in the Company and started manufacturing and selling electrical parts for airplanes.


Full-scale production of variable propeller governors for aircrafts

With a shortage of workers and all kinds of goods, it was not easy to start production.


Renamed the Company to Chukyo Electric Co., Ltd.

Our business objective was to "manufacture, repair, and sale of electrical machinery and apparatus". After the war, we made everything that was needed.


The First Step for Automatic Machinery

The "Vacuum Tube Manufacturing Machines" and the "Tube Manufacturing Machines" were developed to automatically manufacture glass tubes that contain electrodes, which were indispensable for vacuum tube manufacturing.


Automated dry cell battery manufacturing line

After repeated trial and error regarding the technically difficult configuration of the machine, the Company succeeded in developing an automatic dry cell battery manufacturing line. The Company gained a reputation for automation technology and plant development.


Entry into the Pharmaceutical Industry

Utilizing the technology related to the heat treatment of glass, the company developed an "automatic filling machine for glass injection ampoules". This led to the later business of pharmaceutical packaging machinery.


Application of Vacuum Technology

It is applied to the vacuum filling process such as filling machines for lotions and sake (Japanese rice wine) bottling. It was also developed for Western spirits and synthetic spirits, and secured the entry into the brewing industry.

1956- Challenges in the Components Business
1956- Challenges in the Components Business


For the first time, a foreign company approached Chukyo about a technical cooperation

Introduced the world's highest standard of flourescent tube and semiconductor manufacturing technology.

Breakthrough in the Automatic Machinery Manufacturing Division

With the spread of TVs and automobiles, demand for tube manufacturing equipment to produce miniature vacuum tubes and shielded beams grew rapidly.

Start of sales of Component Products

CKD had been manufacturing solenoids in-house for the tube manufacturing machinery for some time and developed the "A Series", the original AC solenoid, based on those solenoids.


"Automation" became popular in the world.

Considering that solenoid valves should be used for various automatic controls, we developed solenoid valves with a packing-free structure that is not limited to conventional solenoids.


The manufacturing division was divided into two sections

Along with the "Automatic Machinery Manufacturing Department", the "Components Manufacturing Department" was formally established.


Constructed and moved to a new factory in Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture.

In order to pursue efficiency and ease of use, the machinery and assembly plants were separated, and the layout within the machinery plant was clearly divided into machining and precision machining.

Automatic packaging of chewing gum

A machine capable of packaging 600 pieces of chewing gum per minute. The reputation of the new wrapping machine spread throughout the confectionery industry, resulting in explosive sales and market penetration.

Entry into the Machine Tool Field

A table-top turret drilling machine with a capacity equivalent to six single-axis drilling machines, with six drills up to 6 mm in diameter, was developed.

Pioneer of Pneumatic Cylinders

Commercialized Japan's first cylinder with a solenoid valve, the "Cell Cylinder CAV Series".


Mass production of automatic machines commenced

The fully-automatic "Automatic powder weighing and wrapping machine" was easy to operate, trouble-free, and could freely use polyethylene, cellophane, and other packaging materials.


First overseas exhibit

Exhibited the High Speed Strip Packaging Machine, a high-speed automatic packaging machine for tablets, and the JC Cartoning Machine, a box-packing machine for chocolates, at the largest packaging exhibition in the U.S.

A Unique Dry Noodle Packaging Machine

Equipped with a six-bag packaging function, this machine was developed to continuously package instant noodles, sandwiches, candies, cookies, and other solid products with heat-sealable film.

The original Index Unit "RTA-420"

This is an automatic indexing table using pneumatic pressure. The RTA-420 employed a cylinder with valve for the driving force and a hydro-check cylinder for stable feed speeds.


The first O-Turret Ball Machine to be produced in Japan

It was a compact tabletop machine for small-diameter hole machining. In the era when there was no machining center yet, it had an innovative function to be able to change tools instantaneously while still being manually operated.


The start of the Blister Packaging Machine 

We developed the D-blister packaging machine, a vacuum forming and packaging machine for pills. The transparent film allows products to be displayed as they are, and the machine is hygienic, revolutionizing the pharmaceutical packaging format.


Establishment of Series of Gum Packaging Plant Systems

This new stand-alone machine was developed for the chewing gum packaging machine's pre- and post-processes: gum arranging, gum breaking, gum cutting, and forming caser machines.


Only one machine in the world

In response to customer demands, we researched and developed various products (products produced from machines), including compass assembly machines and baby bottle nipple hole drilling machines.


Capacitor Manufacturing Machine Technology

We began our own research on the "caulking method", which is the key to electrolytic capacitor assembly machines, and created excellent assembly machines by utilizing the technology we had cultivated.


Basic Actuator for Pneumatic Solenoid Valves

As a new solenoid valve with a completely different actuator structure from conventional ones, we developed the "Capsule Mold Solenoid Valve MU type".

1970- The shift of technology to electronics
1970- The shift of technology to electronics


The Development of Automatic Machinery to Meet Diverse Demands

The fully automatic tray packing machine, automatic weighing machine, and printer for packing meat and fresh food on styrofoam trays were developed.

Integrating Pneumatic and Machine Technologies as a Pioneer in FA

Through technological innovations in pinboard control and pneumatic circuits, CKD has created products for the pneumatic industrial robot "SERUAMU".


The first machine exported by CKD.

CKD had previously exported "lighting-tube machines" via a trading company, but directly negotiated to export a "decorative lighting bulb machine" to GE Corporation in the U.S. It was the first exported machine by CKD.

Automation in the Agricultural sector

In response to the demand for automated water sprinkling, we developed the RSV type solenoid valve "Rainbow System". The system was used in the agricultural field and as a watering system for golf courses and other greenery applications.


Partnered with a German company to develop the film packaging technology

We developed the "CHIROMATTO", an automatic deep-drawing vacuum packaging machine.Suitable for packaging hams, sausages, fish cakes, frozen foods, etc.


Announced Corporate Image Strategy.

The corporate logos, colors, slogans, and product slogans, and other systems were unified to renew and revitalize the corporate image.

Established servo and computer control technologies

We developed a capacitor element winding machine that can be manufactured by inputting data, and a "VALSER Series" for the electronic component industry.

Development of Component Product Groups

The "Selex Valve 4F Series" was developed to meet the needs for low wattage and oilless solenoid valves to stabilize quality and save energy.


Development of the Sterilization Packaging System

Foods often lose their flavor when heat-sterilized after packaging. The Aseptic Pack MM machine fills and packs food under aseptic conditions and enables long-term preservation.

The "AB/AG Series" a lineup of hundreds of thousands of types of compact solenoid valves

Small direct-acting solenoid valves were developed, bringing the number of models from several dozen to several hundred thousand through the combination of parts.


Development of the Electronic Component Mounting Machine Technology

With the gradual computerization of the industrial and consumer electronics industries, and the resulting customization of control systems and kits, the automation of this production became an urgent task.


Changed the company name to CKD Corporation.

The company's attitude toward a major rebirth was demonstrated both internally and externally to enhance its image.

Pill Detection Equipment in the Spotlight

Consisting of a monitoring camera and a sheet ejection mechanism, it reliably sorts and eliminates pills regardless of their shape if 7% or more are chipped.

Entered the automotive industry

Developed the "PV5 Series" of ISO valves.


Product changeover in Automatic Packaging attracts attention

We developed a flexible packaging system for small-box corrugated cardboard casers, which is drawing attention from the packaging industry as a technological innovation system.


Industry's first PLC

This product was well received for use in small-scale pneumatic systems because it could be programmed directly along with machine movements by those who could not set up relay sequence circuits.

1983- Full-scale entry into the Semiconductor Business
1983- Full-scale entry into the Semiconductor Business


Development of the first Fine Product

The "AMB Series" of air-operated valves for chemical solutions was developed in response to requests for the development of air-operated valves for chemical solutions, as solenoid valves for chemical solutions were not compatible.


Received the Good Design Award for the first time

54 products of pneumatic components and control components were selected in the newly established Industrial Machinery category, and the "Pneumatic valve" was awarded the Grand Prize (currently the Gold Prize) in the category.

Registered the "Fine Control System" design.

With a policy of full-scale entry into the semiconductor manufacturing equipment market, the company launched the concept of "Fine Components" with respect to its product line.


A video rental machine, a rarity in Japan

While there was a growing trend toward labor saving, orders for large-scale machinery increased partly due to the demand for production lines of machinery. It has also expanded into new industries such as video vending machines and food packaging machines.

Development of the Parallel Force Indexing Unit "PCI Series"

Parallel cam with parallel input and output shafts.The development of this product was based on aggregated needs.


Received the Good Design Award and the iF Design Award

The modular design of the "SELEX FRL 4000 Series" that allows compact interconnection, won the Design Awards in Japan and Germany.


High-capacity, multifunctional food wrapping machine "CFF-360"

The CFF-360 is a high-capacity, multi-functional food wrapping machine with easy mold attachment and removal, easy positioning of each device, and the ability to freely add units for refilling, vacuum packaging, gas displacement packaging, and other functions.


Unitization of Pneumatic Components

High precision, space saving, miniaturization, and lighter weight were expected by the unitization of elemental components used for automatic assembling equipment, and unit cylinders were developed accordingly.


Responding to Diverse Needs

With the increasing number of women entering the maintenance and servicing field and the consequent demand for ease of operation and simple operation, we developed the "Blister Pack U" Series, which can change molds with a single bolt.

The first Direct Drive (DD) motor

The ABSODEX "AX Series" was developed with the aim of high precision and flexible indexing units.


Simplified wiring between the PC and solenoid valve

The solenoid valve "4T Series" has a unique shape with solenoids concentrated on one side, enabling easy wiring and piping and allowing flexible reconfiguration of manifolds.


Solder Paste Inspection Machine "VAL220-O"

CKD's first laser-based 3D image processing technology was commercialized.

World's best lighting manufacturing equipment

Production of 8,000 lamps per hour was realized on the FL high speed line.

One Pillar of Electronic Products

The "EV Series" pressure proportional control valves improved quality and productivity by introducing proportional control valves, and we expect to see a significant increase in demand with the progress of factory automation.


Enhancement of Pneumatic-Related Components

We launched the "HYW Series", a large-size series of water-cooling equipment that incorporates the needs of the times, and the "Xeroaqua (zero aqua)", which completely changed the concept of dryers.


New CKD logo CI renewal

Based on the concept of kindness and strength such as affinity, trust, tone and humanity, the logo has been changed from a straight line to a softer logo.

1999- Accelerating Electric Motion Systemization
1999- Accelerating Electric Motion Systemization


Developed the first electric actuator, the "Compact Table Slider"

It supports factory automation by performing "gripping, moving, rotating", and other operations at high speed and with precision even in environments where there is no air.


LCD backlight manufacturing equipment

With the spread of flat-screen TVs and plasma TVs, CKD developed a machine to manufacture backlights that illuminate thin LCDs from the rear.


New Foreign Material Inspection System
"Flash Patri"

We developed an inspection system that simultaneously solves the three problems of "pharmaceutical safety", "environmental friendliness", and "automation of visual inspection".

Development of the "Compact Solenoid Valve" for semiconductor front-end processes

The "MN3E0 and MN4E0 Series" of small solenoid valves contribute to thin and space-saving design, significantly reducing installation space.


Eco-Friendly Packaging Machine

The FBP-600E blister packaging machine was developed based on the concept of "environmental friendliness", further refining the high quality and ease of use that have been cultivated to date.


Global Cylinders for the Global Environment

The "SCG and STG Series" respond to the needs for environmental protection and pollution prevention as typified by RoHS and other regulations.


Achieved the fastest product changeover time in the industry

The Medical Blister "MBP-500M", a machine that is effective for small lots of multiple products, was released.


Components for the Rechargeable Battery Production Processes

The "P4 Series", which supports the latest rechargeable battery production process, has been launched by aggregating models with proven track records in automatic machinery.


Electric Actuators manufactured for Pneumatic Manufacturers

The pneumatic cylinder "SSD/LCR type" electric actuator was developed for "end control, multi-point positioning, pitch feed", etc.


Super mount cylinder with a simple shape

The "SMG Series" space-saving cylinders used in assembly and inspection equipment for precision components and IC devices was released.


Japan's First Containment System

A pharmaceutical packaging machine was developed to meet the requirements of suppression of scattering of chemical dust, protection of workers, and prevention of contamination to other products.

Received the Monozukuri Components Award.

Released the industry's smallest class Desktop DD actuator "ABSODEX AX6000M Series".

2014- Aiming for a sustainable society
2014- Aiming for a sustainable society


Energy-saving and Resource-saving Food Packaging Machine "CFF-360E"

Based on the concepts of safety, environment, ease, and design, the CFF-360E has been enhanced with environmental considerations and safety features such as reduction of waste materials and air consumption.

PowerArm Assistive Device for Workers

As a human-friendly product, it contributes to creating a safe and comfortable working environment for seniors and women.


Medical Pillow HPL-80E: Japan's fastest, world's smallest class

Pillow packaging machine, a post-process of blister packaging machine, was launched to align the entire packaging line.

Industry-leading durability and power savings

The pilot operated 3, 5-port valve "4G*R Series" has achieved 100 million endurance cycles with a special surface treatment.

Food Manufacturing Processes "FP Series"

A lineup of safe and reliable equipment for food production has been developed and branded.


Battery winding machine with the world's fastest class performance

The "PEW-380" was able to manufacture square lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles and PHVs at high speed, with high precision.


Pharmaceutical packaging machine that is easy to handle even for small-framed workers

The new pharmaceutical pill packaging machine "FBP-320E" that pursued ease of use and safety, received the Machinery Industrial Design Award the following year.

Easy-to-use Nitrogen Gas Extraction Unit

The "NS Series" was developed to easily supply nitrogen gas for antioxidation and explosion-proof applications.


Contributing to unmanned inspection systems

In-line tablet inspector "Flash Patri FP-U Series" was released, which can inspect misalignment of cutting position and sheet printing after pills are packaged.

Motorless Electric Actuator

The lineup includes the compact and highly rigid EBS, the EKS which achieved the industry's highest speed and acceleration/deceleration, and the EBR rod with a built-in guide.


In-house childcare center "Ohana nursery school" established.

Received the Kids Design Award and the Good Design Award in recognition of the company's efforts.

3D Solder Paste Inspection Machine "VP-9000"

Three-step multi-resolution switching function enables inspection of a wide range of fine inspection targets. Equipped with an easy-to-view and easy-to-use touch monitor.

High Durability Component "HP Series"

Longer service life reduces the number of replacements and the time loss when equipment stops operating, and also reduces the amount of waste by reducing the frequency of discarding malfunctioning products.


Received the Gold Prize of tge Aichi Environmental Award

The nitrogen gas extraction unit "NS Series" and the high durability component "HP Series" were highly evaluated as contributing greatly to the reduction of the environmental load and the achievement of SDGs.

Automatic Pharmaceutical Packaging Machine for the Chinese Medical Market "FBP-300W"

In order to realize high quality, stable production, and low cost, a new packaging machine with Japanese quality produced in China was introduced to the Chinese medical market.

Application of image processing technology

Facilea, a visual programming tool, was launched as an easy-to-use application for automating inspection processes that required specialized knowledge.


The industry's first transparent body inspection machine

Utilizing the CKD's strength in inspection technology cultivated in the pharmaceutical market, we launched the "IS-UVCL01", a device that automatically inspects for defects in transparent materials, which are mainly done through visual inspections.

Pneumatic Grippers for Cooperative Robots

The RLSH, RHLF, and RCKL Series pneumatic grippers for cooperative robots from Universal Robotics were developed.


Contributing to Carbon Neutrality

Under the concept of high reliability, ease of selection and ease of use, we released the "Multi-fit valve" which is an eco-friendly multi-fluid control with long service life and power savings.

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