Reduces troublesome actuator manufacturing processes.

Electric Actuator Motorless ROBODEX Std. Series

This is a motorless version of the electric actuator that can be controlled by attaching a motor from various manufacturers.

If you have this problem

  • Problem 01
    A drive mechanism consisting of a motor and ball screw is manufactured, but it takes a lot of time to design it yourself!
  • Problem 02
    The designed actuator has many parts, and it is difficult to arrange and assemble them!
  • Problem 03
    If an actuator with an integrated motor is purchased, the control method will change creating much difficulty!

If you have this problem

Motorless actuator with ball screw and integrated guide

●All the parts required for linear transport are assembled, so design is completed with one copy and pasting of the CAD data
● Limit detection and origin detection sensors and dogs are also available as options.

Familiar motors can be used for control

● Brackets are available for mounting motors from various manufacturers. More advanced control can be achieved with familiar motors.
● Compatible with 16 manufacturers, including 13 servo motors and three stepping motors

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are belt-type actuators available?

    ETV Series and ECV Series are available.
  • How should selections be made?

    Use the selection software on our website or contact our sales office.

A wide range of motorless products

High speed, compact conveying

【Slider type EBS-L Series】
An outer rail system was adopted in which the body and guide are integrated, pursuing compactness and high rigidity.
A grease lubrication port is provided on the outside of the main body to enable mounting on the top of the main body, making installation and maintenance easier.

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Compact press fitting and raising/lowering

【Rod with built-in guide type EBR-L Series】
Built-in outer rail system integrating the body and guide.
Improved radial resistance, resistance to offset workpieces reduce the need for an additional guide.
The product can be mounted on the top of the body, making installation easier.

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For fast tact transport

【Slider type EKS-L Series】
High rigidity is pursued by adopting an iron-based outer rail.
Acceleration/deceleration up to 2 G is supported, contributing to increased equipment speeds.

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