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Electric actuator Slider type

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A motorless specification of an electric actuator that allows you to install and control motors from each manufacturer.
The iron-based outer rail is used for high rigidity.
Acceleration and deceleration can be up to 2G, which can help to further accelerate your equipment.

Maximum portable mass (horizontal): 118.5kg
Maximum speed: 2500mm/s


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An outer rail guide with an iron body and a U-shaped shape is adopted, and the structure is strong for load and moment.
It also supports moments generated by high-tact.
Save space in your equipment.

[Further Acceleration of Facilities]
Maximum speed: 2,500mm/s
Maximum acceleration/deceleration: 2G

by making the ball screw diameter thicker than the conventional one
We're looking for a higher speed.
Under certain conditions, the speed can be adjusted up to 4G.

[Each Motor Attachable]
A bracket is provided to match the 12 servo motors.
Combined with your own motors, it is available under familiar control.
Each field network is supported.

Model No. Product name Body widthMax. load capacity (horizontal)Max. load capacity (vertical) Remarks
EKS-04LSlider type Short tact / High rigidity model52.6mm14 to 19kg5.5 to 12.5kg
EKS-05LSlider type Short tact / High rigidity model52.6mm14 to 19kg5.5 to 12.5kg
EKS-06LSlider type Short tact / High rigidity model64mm19 to 47.5kg7 to 12.5kg
EKS-08LSlider type Short tact / High rigidity model84mm18 to 83.5kg10 to 24.5kg
EKS-10LSlider type Short tact / High rigidity model104mm37.5 to 171.5kg14.5 to 37kg

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