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Electric actuator Slider type

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[NEW] Added Low Dust Specification Option
[NEW] Added Motor Manufacturer for Support
A motorless specification of an electric actuator that allows you to install and control motors from each manufacturer.
The Outer Rail System, which unifies the body and the guide, is compact and highly rigid. It has a grease supply port on the outside of the main body and is easy to install and maintain by enabling the top of the main body to be mounted.

Maximum portable mass (horizontal): 110kg
Maximum speed: 1600mm/s

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A wide guide, "Outer Rail," is used to support the load. In combination, the proper design of the slider part simultaneously achieves compact and high rigidity, and contributes to space.

[Each Motor can be installed]
A bracket is provided that matches the 12 servo motors and the three stepping motors. Combined with your own motors, it is available under familiar control. Each field network is supported.

[Reduced installation time]
The product can be installed directly from the top or bottom, without removing the cover. This significantly reduces work time, especially when installing from the top.

[Easy Maintenance]
A grease feed port capable of directly feeding grease from the outside is installed on the side of the slider. To maintain a guide and a ball screw by feeding fat from one place without disassembling a body.

[Low Dust Specification Option]
Provides cleanness with class 2.5 equivalent (ISO14644-1 standards). Low dust generation is achieved by providing a vacuum port. Ideal for transport in clean environments.
* For details on clean rating, refer to the catalog on pages for dust generation characteristics.

Model No. Product name Body widthMax. load capacity (horizontal)Max. load capacity (vertical) Remarks
EBS-04LSlider type44mm20kg5kg
EBS-05LSlider type 54mm30kg10kg
EBS-08LSlider type 82mm50kg15kg

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