Controller ECG Series

Reduces maintenance costs after adopting the controller

A controller that can operate EBS-G, EBR-G, FLSH-G, FLCR-G, and FGRC-G.

If you have this problem

  • Problem 01
    I want to reduce my inventory!
  • Problem 02
    I want to stop managing parts for maintenance!
  • Problem 03
    I want to make the control panel smaller!

Product Features

Controllers can be standardized even for actuators of different motor sizes

● Slider/rod type controller can be operated with the same controller (□35 to□56)
● Gripper, table and rotary controllers can be operated with the same controller (□ 20 to □ 25 L)

PC software is available on the HP, and connection with PCs can be made with general-purpose cables

● The S-Tools setting software can be downloaded and used free of charge on CKD's website
● The PC and controller can be connected with USB mini-B

Controllers can be installed adjacent to each other, realizing 38% installation space compared with conventional models

● The optimized design enables adjacent installation without the need for heat dissipation space at the controller side

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Product details

More points!

Compatible with various wiring specifications

●EtherNet/IP specification with 2-port connector supports a wide range of line, star and ring wiring. Use according to the wiring method.

Various monitors available

●Position, speed, current and alarm can be monitored.
IoT of equipment can be easily realized.

Reads and writes point data and parameters

●A PC is not required, and point data and parameters can be read and written by the PLC.
Thus, even in the full direct value mode, by turning OFF the direct value travel selection signal, operation is performed with only the point data. If the point data is rewritten when the actuator stops, it is not necessary to indicate the data each time, enabling shortening of the tact time of the device.


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