Solves panel problems by eliminating piping!

Air unit CXU Series

Modularization saves space, improves quality, and reduces piping work-hours.

If you have this problem

  • Problem 01
    Compact installation space for air components!
  • Problem 02
    Easy piping!
  • Problem 03
    Prevent foreign matter from entering the pipes!


Wide Variety of Modular Functional Parts

A wide variety of modular functional parts, from filters and regulators to valves, allow us to create units to your specifications in a sleek and smart manner.

Unit components that eliminate the need for piping

Since the unit is completed and delivered in a single arrangement, piping man-hours can be drastically reduced and foreign matter can be prevented during piping work by eliminating piping and tubing.

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Improvement Effects

In-house improvement examples (1)

Installation space reduced by 41% (3,300 →1,932 ㎠ )
Reduces installation time by 87% (115 →15 minutes)

In-house improvement examples (2)

Installation space reduced by 52% (3,300 →1,600 ㎠)
Reduces installation time by 88% (120 →15 minutes)


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