Reduce the burden of heavy labor in roll loading


Easy operation! Assists with pneumatic pressure, enabling heavy objects to be easily carried.

If you have this problem

  • Problem 01
    Workers of all genders and ages can easily carry heavy objects!
  • Problem 02
    Work must be done safely!
  • Problem 03
    Packages of different sizes and weights need to be carried!

To solve the problems

Select the arm combination according to the workpiece load and application.

● A wide range of movement
●Select from ø80, 100, 125, scalar arm and arm extensions
● Single axis to 3-axis combinations are possible
●Palletizing specifications ideal for stacking and unloading work are also available
●ø125 single axis or combination of scalar arm and vertical axis

Equipped with safety mechanism to hold position when power is down

●Position locking with built-in block valve
●Prevents lateral rotation with normally closed lock mechanism
●Safe design of joint gaps that prevent fingers from being pinched

Supports transport of various types of workpieces of differing weights

●Automatic operating pressure regulating control system is available to handle weight changes in objects that are transported
●Fixed operating pressure control system that balances a certain weight, such as providing weight support for jigs and tools is also available
●The controller proposes the air circuit ideal for various assistive mechanisms

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  • PowerArm PAW Series

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible to actually experience the feeling of operation?

    Demonstrations are performed so that customers can handle actual devices. Contact your nearest CKD Sales Office or contact us below for details.
  • How much is the payload?

    With the standard load, the load capacity is 80kg on a ø125 single axis at a supply pressure of 0.5MPa. For palletizing specifications, the vertical operation is 450mm, the max. specification radius is 2000mm, and the load capacity is 53kg. Load capacity includes an attachment at the end. As the load capacity varies depending on the combination of axes, refer to the catalog for details.
  • What is the distance that it can move?

    With standard specifications, the travel distance is up to 2.3m when used with the ø100, ø125, and scalar arms. The vertical direction is up to 2.6m with the combination of ø80, ø100, and ø125. For palletizing specifications, the vertical movable range is 1100mm, and the max. working radius of the carrier is 2100mm. The movable range changes according to the axis combination. Refer to the catalog for details.
  • What types of attachments are available for the tip?

    The tip attachments includes hooks, suction, and clamps according to the workpiece and application. Consult with CKD for a selection according to your application.
  • What types of installation are there?

    Variations such as anchor fixing, pallet and dolly are available. Consult with CKD for a selection according to your application.

Application examples and Related products

Transfer from conveyor to palette

Manual transportation of 30kg of cardboard 100 times a day, can lead to back pain or injury from falling. With the PowerArm, attaching suction pads makes it easy for petite workers with no risk of back pain.

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Convey craft bag by vacuum pads

Transporting 25kg of kraft bags 20 times a day. There is a risk of injury due to unexpected falling during heavy labor work. For suction transport with the PowerArm, workers of all ages can work alone easily while moving with a dolly.

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Pack 18L can into corrugated carton

In order to package 300 pcs. of 20kg cans per week, two people may suffer from excessive physical pain due to their posture. With the PowerArm, the users can lift the product in a safe position and work at a height that enables it to be easily packed.

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(Related products) Human assist components

Our lineup includes a suspension-type balancer unit that allows heavy loads of around 240kg to be operated with minimal force, and an ultra low sliding balance cylinder that enables 1 mm/sec motion.

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